Pain in the Neck?


Utilizing Yoga to Cure Your Neck and Back Pain

It’s hard to focus on working through your work day productively with an annoying pain or stiffness in your neck or back. Focusing on your posture can help as well as taking a mild pain reliever, but what if you could take your morning workout and use it to help you focus on the aggravating neck pain that comes around noon every work day?

Focusing on alternative healing through your yoga practice can help kick neck or back pain to the curb!

The strain in your neck and sciatic nerve in your back could come from unknowingly leaning and crouching forward in your desk chair. Focus on keeping your wrists resting comfortably on a wrist guard keyboard or mouse pad, keep your elbows close to your ribs, shoulder blades back against your chair and your chin away from your chest.

A mild yoga practice in the morning is a great way to get your breath moving in the morning, energize your spirit for the work day and bring focus to your body’s muscles. Bringing awareness to your breath will automatically help your body better oxygenate your blood, get your heart pumping, and wake you up without the usual two or three cups of coffee. If you’re familiar and have your own yoga practice or sequence, then flow through it and add a couple of the moves below. If not, try searching for one of the many great studio offerings in your city for early morning classes (some studios even offer the first class for free!).

Starting with Mountain Pose and moving your hands through the motion of hands by your side, to the sky, and then resting together at your heart’s center is a great way to wake up your mind and start slow into your morning practice. Supported Fish Pose and Open Shoulder to the Wall are ways to open up your chest and focus on the muscles in your arms, shoulders and neck. Thread the Needle and Seated Spinal Twist are great go-to moves too.

Some of these supportive moves can be used in your work office environment. Taking a few minutes throughout your day to get up out of your desk chair, walk around, and stretch can bring awareness back to your body, the tightness in your muscles and help eradicate stiffness in your neck and back.

Remember that our bodies are not well suited to be stuck in a seated position all day. Working through the above yoga sequence poses and using some other suggestions from your healing center professional will help bring your neck and back pain into perspective for healing. Finding a solution through yoga will focus on the healing process, your overall wellness, and all your body can do for you!

If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area, here are some yoga studios that Healing Radius recommends!


Enlighten Yoga,
Yoga One,

If you’re in the San Francisco, CA area, here are some yoga studios that Healing Radius recommends!


California Yoga Company,

Yoga Tree,

Looking for a yoga class, wellness center or a professional with a holistic approach? We can help you find your way to wellness! Use HealingRadius to find alternative and complimentary therapies near you.


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