Want to Feel Super? Buffaloberries Can Boost Your Everyday Life.

The Power of Buffaloberries


Are you looking for the newest way to boost your health kick? Are you looking for foods that help your immune system? Do you follow the wise words of Dr. Oz on what is the next food to eat? Do words like acai berry or black soybean mean anything to you? If so, look no further, the next big thing to make you super is buffaloberries.


Buffaloberries or “Shepherdia” is a native North American fruit that is found on shrubs. The Journal of Food Science calls it the next “superfood” or a nutrient-rich food considered to be beneficial for health and well-being in humans.
Found mostly in North and South Dakota, they’re tiny red fruits that are rich in lycopene. According to Ohio State University professor and author, Dr. Ken Riedel and his colleagues, “buffaloberries contain large amounts of lycopene and related acidic compound, methyl-lycopenoate, which are important antioxidants and nutrients beneficial for human health.”
Buffaloberries can be found in different type of versions, either it be the berry itself or smashed into a jelly paste, these berries are very versatile. Even recently, buffaloberries have drawn attention from several commercial wine producers to enhance their fortified wine.
The best part of this superfruit is the abundance because of its ability to tolerate drier climates.
So, if you’re looking for a new fruit to help jump start your mornings and keep you feeling healthy all day long. Why not add some buffaloberries into your diet?

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