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12 Natural Remedies for the Common Cold

Winter is approaching and we’re beginning to feel the joy and magic of the holiday season—old traditions, new traditions, festive parties, and family gatherings—but what are we not merry about? Yes, it’s the dreaded cold. Although colds can occur any time of the year, they’re most common during the winter months. Fortunately for us, there […]
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Healthy Holiday Recipes for Every Diet

The holidays don’t need to be an unhealthy binge of bad food! It can be easy to neglect your healthy eating habits over the holiday season, especially when you may be surrounded by not-so-healthy holiday fare, like candied yams, glazed ham, pot pie and cream-based casseroles. We know, they’re delicious, but they can also leave […]
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Alternative Health and Technology

A Look at the Increasing Overlap Between Alternative Therapies and Technology Technology in the 21st Century In today’s world, people’s lives have certainly improved through advanced technology and the different types of social media. Businesses are growing, the search for employment has become easier, personal identities are being shaped, and fast communication is only a […]
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