Inspire Wellness and Help Create a Healthier World


Nearly 80 percent of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of exercise, and though there are different debates about what exactly is the healthiest diet, I think it’s safe to say, the majority of people aren’t prioritizing nutrition.

As a company that supports the health and fitness industries, we’re shocked by the lack of focus on nutrition and wellness. We don’t believe it’s enough to simply take care of our own wellness, but instead we want to encourage others to do the same!

Because of this, we recently launched our #InspireWellness campaign to, you guessed it, inspire others to focus on wellness. We believe social media is a powerful tool, so why not use it for good?Join our campaign and help us create a better world! The sky’s the limit so get creative and use #InspireWellness with each post.

If you need some help getting the creative ball rolling, try these ideas:

  • Tweet photos of your healthy meals, a juicing recipe or a morning smoothie
  • Instagram your newest yoga pose, CrossFit accomplishment or favorite running spot
  • Post positive quotes about health and fitness, or come up with your own encouraging words


Don’t forget to 1) Use the #InspireWellness hashtag and 2) Tag @healingradius. We can’t wait to see how you join in to inspire wellness and encourage a healthier world!

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