10 Ingredients That Promote Better Health and Wellness

Superfood to the Rescue!

As health awareness continues to fill our day-to-day lingo, there is a good chance that you have perceived the term “superfood” as a cure-all for everything from rheumatoid arthritis to erectile dysfunction to heart disease. Some of the fanfare is accurate, some of it is not. However, we can all agree that these foods are very good for us!

Ingredients to Include:
1. Tomatoes: 

Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as chock-full of potassium and fiber, this superfood is great to include in your meals. Since tomatoes are a rather common food, you should be able to find them at any grocery store. I suggest shopping at a farmers market or another organic grower, because the tomatoes will have ripened naturally as opposed to chemical means, making them richer. However you eat this veggie, you should definitely include more of them into your diet. Who doesn’t want an excuse to eat BLTs?

2. Blueberries: 

According to Medical News Today, these favorite summertime treats contain anthocyanins, a flavonoid that gives them their deep blue coloration and their numerous health benefits. One cup provides about 24 percent of your daily vitamins. If that’s not enough, blueberries also have anti-aging properties that prevent your brain from aging as fast. When you can, consume wild blueberries as they contain roughly 26 percent more antioxidants than their cultivated cousins.


3. Almonds: 
This tasty snack food is excellent for lowering bad cholesterol and blood sugar in diabetics. So, what’s behind their awesome powers? Plant sterols and amino acids, which help bolster testosterone levels and muscle growth in men, and vitamin E, which is great for skin, the heart and the immune system.


4. Kale: 
This increasingly common food can be found at most supermarkets, throwing a nutritional punch without adding too many unnecessary calories to your daily consumption. Not only is it low in calories and high in fiber, but kale can lessen the chances of you getting a variety of cancers due to its phytonutrients. So, dip it, saute it, bake it, or crunch it. However you take your kale, enjoy as much of it as you can.
5. Wild Salmon: 

By aiming for at least two servings of wild salmon a week, you can help keep your wits about you well into your twilight years. Like high-grade oil for your car, its omega-3 fatty acids keep the connection between your nerve cells lubricated and enable communication even as your body starts to break down with age. Scientists speculate that by consuming the recommended weekly servings of this healthy fish, you can stave off things like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory-related disorders.

6. Sweet Potatoes: 

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is a surprisingly delicious addition to a superfood diet. Used to counter the effects of secondhand smoke, as well as a preventative for diabetes, sweet potatoes contain antioxidants that can boost metabolism and the immune system. In addition, the high levels of vitamin C can prevent wrinkles by increasing collagen production. There is really no reason to pass on these potatoes.


7. Spinach: 
Sauteed, baked or raw, the minerals in this leafy green is the ultimate food for heart-health. It’s full of essential minerals, nutrients and clogged artery-fighting antioxidants. So, Popeye’s favorite muscle food really is a champ when it comes to nutritional value. As an added bonus for the men in the audience, it can increase the blood flow to your male member. You’re welcome for that information. Now, go get some spinach!


8. Tuna: 
Another mighty fish for heart health, cholesterol health, and lastly, skin health, this favorite deli diva is not to be outdone by its cousin, salmon. Not only does tuna provide a great source of protein, it contains selenium, a nutrient that improves the tightness and smoothness of the skin. This low-fat, high-content fish also helps your body process fat more efficiently. So, the next time you pass tuna in the supermarket, stop, pause, and then purchase this delicious fish to keep your insides and outsides looking and feeling perfect.


9. Carrots: 
Vitamin A should wear a cape around this cylindrical bit of awesomeness. Good for eyes, breakouts, rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma, this yummy snack food works for you without the need to complicate the relationship with additional seasonings. Dipping carrots into ranch is a time-honored tradition, and the fact that you now have additional reasons to indulge in this potato-chip like snack food, means there is nothing standing in your way of better health.


10. Dark Chocolate: 

Didn’t think there would be anything sweet on the menu? Think again! Grabbing a piece or two of dark chocolate improves blood flow to the brain via the flavonoids found in cocoa, making you more alert and better able to focus on tasks. If increasing cognitive function isn’t on your priority list, how about the fact that, like red wine, dark chocolate can keep your arteries flexible and your blood pressure low? Indulge in an ounce of dark chocolate a day to reap the benefits and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.Enjoy the superfood on our list and don’t forget to comment below if you have any of your own you’d like to share with us!

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