Yoga 101

Childs Pose

Tree Pose, Child’s Pose, Goodness Knows!

Let’s do yoga! Deciding that you want to begin the practice of centering your body is the first step along the road to a happier, healthier you. Where do you even begin, though? Here is all you need to know to feel ready for your first session!


Picking the Right Class


Who knew that there could be so many styles of yoga with different levels of flexibility and skill? Get the most out of your experience by picking the class best suited for you.
For first timers, try enrolling in classes like Deep Stretch, Chillax, Hatha, Iyengar or Kripalu. These classes ease you into the practice, helping you learn your body’s natural rhythm and movement. (The inversion poses can come later!)


Find the Perfect Studio


This is where we come in. Use our online marketplace to locate yoga studios near you, read reviews, find special promotions, and book and pay for your class session online. HealingRadius makes it that simple!


Get Your Gear Ready

Yoga mats and comfortable clothes are essential. Find the perfect yoga mat that fits your body, making it easier for you to stretch to your fullest. Clothes that provide you with the ability to move about without resistance are the best for yoga.
My favorite yoga outfit to wear is a pair of skinny yoga pants, a sports bra, and a loose-fitting T-shirt or tank top. No need to worry about footwear as you enter the studio barefoot. If you feel more comfortable wearing socks, go for it! Yoga is all about channeling your inner god or goddess.


Leave Your Thoughts Behind

No matter which personality type you are—A, B or C—leave it at the door. You are entering into a calming environment, where you are free to relax and distance yourself from stresses and deadlines. Lie on your mat and listen as your yogini/yogi (masculine/feminine form of a yoga instructor) tells you to breathe and clear your mind. Don’t ration if you are doing it correctly; focus on escaping from the challenges of the world, and I promise, your brain and body will thank you!


Don’t Look Around

As a first-time yoga-goer, you will feel the urge to compare yourself to others. Don’t! There is no need to get discouraged if you cannot get into the position that the person beside you is in. Yoga is about performing movements that feel right to your body. Closing my eyes between poses helps me concentrate on what my body is feeling and silences my rambling thoughts. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised how much it helps!
Yoga is fun, relaxing, calming, and a great way to stay healthy. Quiet your worries, grab your mat, and enter into the studio confident and ready to center your body!
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