Drum Therapy for Drummies


Just Beat It!

Remember the thrill you got when you used cooking pans as drum heads or when your pencils turned into mini-drumsticks, rapping on top of a school desk? Good times! Creating music and keeping a beat is a sure way to relieve pent up energy and lower your stress level.

Luckily for you and your mother’s cooking pots, drum therapy session are available all throughout the United States. Yes, you heard correctly—drum therapy!  As a form of alternative medicine, drum therapy has helped people control chronic pain, reduce tension and anxiety and alleviate depression.

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Hold the Cowbell, What Is Drum Therapy?

An ancient technique, drum therapy uses rhythmic patterns that promote healing and self-expression. This method works by increasing blood flow, boosts the immune system and produces feelings of well-being. It also produces calming effects, helping a person focus their mind on restoring their body.

Most sessions happen in a group setting, where multiple people create varying beats and rhythms. This group-like atmosphere helps a person break down social barriers and overcome a fear of resentment. It helps encourage freedom of expression and unity. When people participate in drumming, they experience hemispheric synchronization. In layman’s terms, during drumming both sides of our brains are working at the same time. If you feel both energized and relaxed, your brain is in full hemispheric synchronization mode.


Get the Beat Going


You don’t have to rush out and buy yourself a hand drum just yet!

You have the ability to create a relaxing atmosphere with just a hard surface, and your hands and feet. Movements like tapping to a beat can enhance your feel-good energy. Listen to music that gives off a good vibe and tap along with the beat. This simple act can produce the beginnings of healing. Once you acquire a drum, simply transfer the finger-tapping to the surface of the drum.

Enjoy the therapeutic feeling that beating a drum can give you. As someone who was a member of the drumline in school, trust me when I say, drummers are the coolest. And remember, you have a natural rhythm in you. The first sound you heard was of a beat—your mother’s heart. So go with what you feel and enjoy the healing effects it brings.

Happy Drumming!


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