How to Make Running Fun!


mud run

A couple of years ago I had the fun adventure of running a 10K. I have to admit, I’m not much of a runner and I require a good bit of motivation to take on something even as intimidating (to me) as a mile. So how did I become determined enough to train for a 6-mile run? It’s simple: I was playin’ in the dirt, again. 

The only thing motivating enough to start running was the fact that I could trek through the mud with close friends. I had a blast and it even encouraged me to continue the running habits I developed over my 5-month training period.

Do you ever wish you were a runner? Do you see joggers in your neighborhood and hope that someday you’ll magically have a desire to join them? Well, from one non-runner to the next, here’s my advice: find a way to make running fun. For me, if there’s not a unique, challenging and exciting reason to run, I simply won’t.

In my humble opinion, mud runs, color runs and other themes can be one of the funnest ways to start your jogging journey. I’ve listed several types of “fun runs” happening all across the U.S. Find the perfect one for you and your adventurous self!


Mud Runs:

Merrell Down and Dirty

Dirty Girl Mud Run

Tough Mudder

Spartan Race


Color Runs:

The Color Run

Color Vibe 5K

Color Me Green


Other Fun, Themed Runs:

5K Foam Fest

Hot Chocolate Run

Mustache Dash

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Run Disney


Did you love learning about ways to make running fun? If so, let us know in the comment section below or share your own blog with us!


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