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Keep Calm and Travel On

Whether you are catching a ride on the jet stream, clicking along on the Amtrak or driving on the highway, finding healthy food options while on the go can be a real challenge. Sometimes our only choices are fast food hamburgers and fried chicken, which typically aren’t the healthiest. But eating fast food doesn’t mean you’ve abandoned the health bandwagon altogether.

Let the gurus of HealingRadius help you make healthy travel food choices!


Fast Food Junkie!

As I said, it’s OK to stop at a fast food place to pacify your hunger cravings, but knowing the healthy choices is important. Trust me on this, you have more options than just a leafy salad. Check out these most popular fast food chains and some of their healthier food options.


1. You’re Lovin’ it at McDonald’s

Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich: This deluxe sandwich is a delicious choice to keep you full during your extended travel. Ditch the side of fries and pair it with a fruit cup instead.

Calories 350

Total Fat 9g

Carbs 42g

Protein 28g

Sodium 820mg


2. Have It the Healthy Way at Burger King

The Whopper Jr: Don’t sacrifice the flame-broiled classics burgers served at this popular stop; try a Whopper Jr. Half the size and calories of the original Whopper, these sandwiches are just as delicious. Pair it with a small salad and black coffee for the perfect meal choice.

Calories: 350

Total Fat 21g

Carbs 28g

Protein 12g

Sodium 640mg


3. Get the Skinny with Starbucks

Sometimes, we all need that drink with the green straw to get us through the long day ahead. Starbucks is known for its sugar and cream coffee blends but not so much for its healthy drink options. Luckily, the Seattle-original coffee chain offers caffeinated beverages with lower sugar and calories!

Tall Cafe Americano:  Want to know a little secret? Cafe Americano is Starbucks’ language for black coffee. You can still be seen with a Starbucks’ cup but without the added calories attached.

Calories 15

Total 0g

Carbs 3g

Protein 1g


4. Eat Fresh(er) at Subway

If Jared can do it, why can’t you? Subway is known for its clever marketing and delicious sandwiches, but not all is as it appears. Don’t fall for the health food advertisement and pick a sandwich loaded with calories. Try this one instead!

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki (6”Sub): A filling sub, the sweet onion chicken teriyaki is low in fat content and high in protein. Skip the chips and cookie.

Calories 370

Total Fat 4.5 g

Carbs 57g

Protein 25g

Sodium 770mg


Convenient Store Goodies

Making a pit stop at a gas station is another chance for your hunger and cravings to strike! Stop it in its track with these healthy alternatives.


Peanuts in the Shell:  Nuts are packed full of vitamin E, making this a heart healthy snack. The reason to buy the peanuts in the shell, however, is not for the added nutritional value, but to slow down your eating. Having to crack open each shell takes time, so you’ll be less likely to eat as much.

½ cup supplies

Calories 160

Protein 7g

Fiber 3 g

V8 100% Vegetable Juice (low sodium): As one of my favorite go-to snacks here at work, V8 juice is the best way to get your daily vegetable needs in one 12-ounce bottle. In addition, this smooth drink has vitamin A and C to support heart health. And the best part about it; convenient to drink while driving.

Calories 70

Fiber 3g

Trail Mix: When I was young, this snack was more of a game—hunt for the M&M’s. Now that I’m older, I enjoy munching on this snack while traveling to various destinations. It’s the perfect blend of salty and sweet, that will keep your cravings at bay. Remember to keep an eye out for portion control. This snack is enjoyable in moderation of about three tablespoons.

Calories 140

Fat 9g


Eating while on the road doesn’t have to be complicated. Take some time to find the right snack that’s healthy for you. Safe travels my friends and happy (healthy) eating!


Did you love learning about how to eat healthy while traveling? Let us know in the comment section below! The best thing you can do to help yourself is to heal yourself. Find and book an appointment with a wellness or fitness center through!

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