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Fly Like a Butterfly

I wanted to write this blog while my legs were still sore from my first 9 Rounds workout, and my girl power energy was still flowing! Yesterday, I went to my first kickboxing session with the famous 30-minute workout franchise known as 9 Rounds. And let me just say, it kicked my tail!

With prior kickboxing experience, I’ve worked out for multiple hours a day for several months. So you can assume, I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness of a 30-minute session. Well, my legs are still jello, and it’s almost been 24 hours. Skepticism has left my mind!

9 Rounds focus on 30 minutes of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) that constantly has you moving, sweating and working your muscles. By the end of the 30 minutes, you’ll have kicked and punched heavy bags, worked your abs and sparred with your trainer. How great does that sound? For someone who is not a fan of gym workouts, 9 Rounds keeps me motivated, working hard and wanting to go every day. Join me and give 9 Rounds a try!


How Does it Work?

  • No Class Times: 9 Rounds offers its members with an option that I have not seen at any other kickboxing or gym location—no class times! I showed up to 9 Rounds after work, around 6:10. I registered, signed a waiver form and instantly jumped into the round at 6:17. Weird time, right? Their no class time feature is very convenient for people who want the workout without the wait.
  • 9 Rounds of Different Exercise: Each round has you working a different area of your body. I started on round 4 which had me high kicking a bag, and I finished the workout sparring with one of the trainers. These exercises target specific areas but when combined, they work your entire body.
  • They Provide Everything: Unlike other kickboxing studios I’ve tried, 9 Rounds provides you with all the essentials—boxing gloves, hand wraps, water bottle and a gym bag. Trust me, this is a huge perk! High-end boxing gloves can run you upwards of $50 with hand wraps at $20 and all the other gifts at $20. So the fact that 9 Rounds gives you this is awesome.
  • No Contracts: When I heard this, I was shocked! No, six-month contract, no year long membership! 9 Rounds offers you the option to pay month to month, allowing you to pick and choose which months work well for you and your schedule.
  • Welcomes Everyone: It doesn’t matter your workout experience, your health level or your age. 9 Rounds welcomes everyone to enjoy their high paced and fun exercise.


Like all workouts, the most important factors are that you are there, and you are giving it your all. But what makes 9 Rounds so great is the attention and training you get. The trainers are with you every step of the way and want to make sure that you are not only using the proper form, but you are staying pumped and going hard.

Additionally, 9 Rounds workouts are never the same. Each time you go back there is a new workout and fun exercise to do. The variety not only keeps you interested and wanting to do more, but it confuses your muscles.  Matt and Morgan, owners of 9 Rounds here in Rock Hill, state that, “the beauty of our program is that in addition to using kickboxing bags, you get to use dumbbells, kettlebells & medicine balls to make sure you are using your muscles in ways that you’ve never done before! You’re up, you’re down, you’re all around!” Working out in this style helps work each muscle group but in a new and exciting way each time.


So what are you waiting for? Let HealingRadius help you find a 9 Round near you, today!

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