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Ready, Set, Launch!

The time has come for us to pull back the curtain, open the doors and finally unveil what our busy gurus have been working on for over a year now. Presenting the one and only, the premier online marketplace for holistic wellness and fitness centers—HealingRadius!

OK, theatrics and dramatics aside, the team here at HealingRadius is excited to share with the world our dream of helping people lead healthier lives. We have created a comprehensive, all in one, marketplace to help people on their holistic health journey. With simplicity as our forte, we’ve  created a web-based program that can help you find wellness and fitness centers near you (even when you travel). Our site can also let you read and write reviews, check availabilities, find special deals and promotions, book appointments and pay for classes. And did I mention you can do this all from one online location? No more hopping around from site to site, trying to find the best studios and the greatest deals. We’ve done the legwork for you!

Want to know more? Well, of course, you do; it’s exciting stuff. Here is an introductory tour of HealingRadius and how it was designed to help you.


Unlimited Search Options

When you first arrive on, you’ll land on what we like to call the hub of information. From here, you’ll be able to search by program, by condition, by therapist or by name of the center. Also, you’ll have instant access to learn more about the variety of holistic fitness and wellness options, as well as what to do while visiting new cities and, of course, our information blogs. Getting excited? Good, there’s still more to see!


Signing Up for Free

HealingRadius is an entirely free service! By signing up, you’ll be able to log on to your free account and have access to all of your favorite studios and centers. In addition, from your account you can book and pay for a session or class online. The quicker you sign up the faster you can book an appointment. Go on, we’re eager to help you find the perfect studio for all of your holistic health needs.  Sign up for free now


Blogs For Everyone 2015-08-14 11-53-55

As you can see from the pictures below, our blogs cover a variety of topics. We love researching and finding new ways to get motivated about eating healthy and exercising. Our writers here are a creative bunch and believe in giving the most accurate information in a fun way. We’ve tried everything and are eager to share our experience with others in the holistic health community. Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment on your favorite blog or if you have some information healthy to share, send us a link to your own blog. We love making new blogger friends!  


Free App

And, just so we never have to say goodbye, you can take us with you! We fit nicely in your pocket (well, maybe not your yoga pants) with our free HealingRadius app—available on all Android and iOS devices. While you’re sitting on the beach, you could be finding your next yoga center or recipe for dinner.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you sign up for HealingRadius. As your health gurus, we’ll always have your back!



Did you love learning about HealingRadius? If so, let us know in the comment section below or share your own blog with us.

The best thing you can do to help yourself is to heal yourself. Find and book an appointment with a wellness or fitness center through!

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