3 Massage Techniques That Can Relieve Hand Tension


Happiness Is a Really Good Massage


Do you know how many bones make up your hand? The answer is 27. Yes, 27 bones that require well-deserved TLC every once in a while. I don’t know about you, but as a professional writer, I have taken my hands for granted more often than not. They are my money makers after all.


Since we use our hands on a daily basis, it’s only right that we apply three popular massage techniques to help reduce joint pain and increase range of motion, among other benefits. If you’d like some assistance from a qualified massage therapist, look no further than HealingRadius. We will help you find one in your area!


Let’s look at parts of the hands that may be in need of some pain and tension relief:


The Palms

Palm effleurage is a technique or form of massage that consist of long, circular movements applied by the thumbs and fingers. You or your massage therapist will perform this technique on the palm of your hand to help relax muscles and the carpal tunnel area.


The Wrists

Carpal effleurage is similar to palm effleurage, except the circular movements are now applied to the top of the hand. As you apply light pressure to your carpals, otherwise known as wrist bones, you are relieving muscle tension, stimulating circulation, and promoting relaxation.


The Fingers

We’ve covered the bottom and top of the hands, now let’s talk about the fingers! When you want to increase your blood flow, grip each finger individually with your thumb and index finger and massage in circular motions or by pulling gently. This will allow your fingers to bend and straighten without aching.


If you want to kick it up a notch, you can use a small amount of oil or lotion, particularly vitamin E oil or lavender essential oil, to help heal and moisturize the skin.


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