A Beginners Guide to HealingRadius

Hello, health enthusiasts. We’re excited to share that our team has recently launched an upgraded HealingRadius version for the web and all Android and iOS devices. With that said, we’d like to provide a short and simple rundown for any beginners out there. Ready to get started?

When you first arrive on HealingRadius’ homepage, you’ll be presented with what we like to call the hub of information. You’ll be able to search by condition, program, therapy, or name of a center or therapist. This section is also where you can find and book as many appointments as you wish.

At the top-right corner, you’ll see several different tabs for information we provide, as well as an option to sign up or log in. HealingRadius is an entirely free service, and by signing up, you’ll be able to access an account that allows you to maintain your favorite studios, gyms, wellness centers, or fitness centers. Look below:




As you scroll further down, you’ll come across eight blog widgets along with wellness-related information for truck drivers, pilots, business professionals, and sports teams. Simply click on the topic you’d like to explore and a new page of related articles will appear. Look below:



Next up: featured blogs. This section is where the most recently posted articles will be shown. Our writers are a creative bunch who believe in providing the most accurate information in a fun and engaging way. Look below:




You can take us with you so we never have to say goodbye! After our blog sections, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to download HealingRadius as an app, which is available for all Android and iOS devices. This way, we’ll fit nicely in your pocket the next time you want to find a new yoga center or recipe for dinner. Look below:



As you can see, there will be no more jumping around from site to site, trying to find the best wellness centers or the greatest deals. We have done the legwork for you!


Did you love learning about HealingRadius? If so, let us know in the comments below!

The best thing you can do to help yourself is to heal yourself. Find and book an appointment with a wellness  through HealingRadius.com!


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