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Welcome to HealingRadius! As an online marketplace for health enthusiasts or those who wish to live a more holistic lifestyle, our up-and-coming site provides tips, blog posts, and thorough wellness-related information. HealingRadius also makes it easy to find wellness centers or therapists online through the following features:


Search by Therapy: Most people seek alternative therapy as a way to complement traditional medicine, gain greater control over their health and well-being, as well as to enjoy the idea of using non-toxic and natural items. Such alternative therapies are acupressure, acupuncture, yoga, etc.


Search by Conditions: Although alternative therapy cannot cure diseases or conditions, it is considered very helpful when used alone or with regular treatment. Yoga, massage therapy, reiki, tai chi, among several others, can lower stress, and increase energy, balance, and flexibility.


Search by Name: Once you have a therapist name or wellness center in mind, just enter the required information on the homepage and HealingRadius will do the rest.


Mark as Favorite: A wellness center can be marked as a favorite, due to its high-quality service, performance, and even its customer support programs.


Reviews/Ratings: A very important feature, reviews/ratings can improve conversions and strengthen customer experience, as it has become a very common method for a potential customer to read online reviews before making a purchasing decision.


… and other important features include Save Searches, Map/List View, Filters, and Print.


So, whether you want to find yoga studios near you, chiropractic clinics near you, or yoga gurus near you, HealingRadius has got you covered.
Also, Happy Yoga Month, yoga fans! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

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