Fit and Healthy Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving


Since Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, it feels appropriate to dismiss our everyday diet and only splurge on the good stuff, right? Not so fast! Although the temptation to eat all of the delicious food can stay at an all-time high, we must remember to keep our healthy habits in check during the holiday season. So, let’s jump-start our motivation by following the tips below, because, really, the only thing that should be stuffed this year is the turkey!


Start Early

When we say early, we don’t mean wake-up-with-the-roosters early. We’re just referring to a morning exercise before the Thanksgiving festivities begin. If you know you can’t squeeze in a jog Thursday morning, we suggest working out 30 minutes longer than usual on Wednesday. If you do have the time and are looking for a fun, worthy, and gratifying activity, there are many organizations that schedule Thanksgiving-themed 5K runs and races the morning of, which usually support a great cause. We don’t need studies to ensure that a little bit of exercising can be a perfect way to stay fit and healthy this holiday season.


Focus on Portion Control

Although this time of year tends to center around food, there is a way to avoid overindulging and gaining unwanted calories. The trick? Eat mindfully while focusing on portion control! You can serve your food in smaller serving dishes or skip going back for seconds. Skip the seconds, you ask in horror? Resisting the urge to fill your plate for the second or third time is beneficial for a couple reasons. One, leftovers are so much better the next day. You can make a turkey sandwich like Monica Geller on “Friends,” for example. She puts an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle of her sandwich, which her brother, Ross, calls the “Moist Maker.” Yes, please! And two, you’ll have more room for a satisfying dessert.


Choose Wisely

Whether you’ve decided to host a better-than-last-year dinner or bring a few dishes to a potluck, focusing on recipes with less fat, sodium, sugar, and calories can go a long way, and it’s easier than one would expect. A Thanksgiving masterpiece is definitely possible with whole grains, vegetables, salads, and goodies with fiber, which can help bring on the fullness factor. And when you’re there, front and center, standing in the buffet line, our next tip is to avoid starches like potatoes, stuffing, and rolls, and fill up on more of the white turkey meat, roasted vegetables, and the yummy greens. To get a head start, we’ve got a few healthy, holiday recipes for you to try!


If you have any tips to stay healthy this Thanksgiving, HealingRadius would love if you can share them in the comment section below. We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

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