Staying Healthy and Active during the Holiday Season

Staying Healthy & active


There’s always been the joke that we grow a winter coat during the colder months, but can you blame us? Holiday menus, festive recipes, rich desserts, the desire to stay snuggled up on the couch—sorry, not sorry! While we hate to admit it, it’s true. According to, it’s common for people to gain between 7 and 12 pounds during the holidays, following a New Year’s resolution to lose it. So, why don’t we put that assumption behind us and show this year’s winter who’s boss?


Winter Activities

The cold weather can make exercising seem less than desirable, but HealingRadius says it’s time to embrace this time of year instead. There are so many winter activities that burn unwanted calories, like ice skating, sledding, skiing, and snowboarding, for example. These “playtime” interests are actually great workouts for your legs and heart, among other things. According to the Huffington Post, a simple 45 minutes of ice skating can burn more than 350 calories, while one hour of sledding down a hill, followed by hiking back up, can burn more than 400 calories. Alright, alright, alright.



Who would’ve thought? While walking is inevitably one of the best ways to stay in shape and keep your heart rate up, it seems rather hard to do while it’s snowing. Enter: indoor walking. This can be accomplished by ditching online shopping, even though we love the convenience of it, and visiting the largest mall in your area. Your holiday shopping trips can turn into an awesome cardio workout (talk about killing two birds with one stone). If it’s not snowing and the weather is actually quite nice out, then take that refreshing walk, jog, or run around your block to look at all of the holiday decorations.


Making Time

If you have a busy schedule but would like to focus some time on staying healthy, the best course of action is to make exercise the first priority on your agenda. You can do this by working out first thing in the morning, which will give you some extra energy and a great start to the day. Beyond working out, making time to set up a meal plan and a healthy eating schedule will greatly benefit your body and mind. To maintain a balanced diet, prepare a schedule that puts you in control while having your meals and snacks ready ahead of time.
These are simple steps that can go a long way. If you have any health tips to stay active during your holiday season, please share them with us. We love learning just like you do!

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