Top-Picked Fermented Foods for Your Health


HealingRadius would like to introduce the amazingness of fermented foods to your diet if they’re not already there. Popular staples like sauerkraut and miso (the ingredient that makes the soup at hibachi-style restaurants so delicious) have all been proven to heal the gut and do great wonders for our health in general.

The fermentation process involves turning carbohydrates and sugars into alcohol or beneficial acids, aka bacteria-boosting agents. Probiotics are found in such fermented foods, which are microorganisms that enhance the good bacteria in the digestive tract, healing a variety of health issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). And when you add fermented foods to your diet, you get a healthy dose of probiotics. We suggest starting with small servings and then working your way up.

Take a look at the 10 most popular fermented foods for a healthy gut!



Fermented soybeans that are bound together



Fermented milk made with kefir grains



Fermented paste made from soybeans and grains



Fermented cabbage



Fermented cabbage with a spicy kick


Hot Sauce

Fermented hot sauce made from tabasco peppers



Fermented milk product



Fermented sweetened or green tea



Fermented soybeans that are considered a popular Japanese food


Sour Cream

Fermented cream with a variety of lactic acid bacteria
You probably add sour cream to your Mexican Monday dinner nights or maybe hot sauce to your scrambled eggs, but now you can see that you’re consuming beneficial foods with extraordinary effects on the body. If you know of any other fermented foods out there, please share them in the comment section below! As a hub of health and wellness-related information, HealingRadius welcomes any tips and suggestions from our favorite readers.

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