How to Enhance Beauty and Sensuality with Jade, Feat. Shiva Rose

HealingRadius welcomes back one of our favorite naturalists and believers of healthy, green living, Shiva Rose, of blog series Local Rose. On her quest to help herself and others achieve a holistic lifestyle, Shiva writes about all things health, wellness, and nutrition while creating natural beauty products from botanicals. Last week, we shared her blog post on the top 10 foods for glowing skin and health, a list that included lemon, ghee, raw honey, bone broth, and aloe vera juice. And today, we’re exploring the healing powers and properties of the ancient gemstone jade. Let’s take a look!


Enhancing Beauty and Sensuality with Jade

Since ancient times, jade has been regarded as a gemstone of power, nobility and royalty. It can help reduce both anxiety and negativity. The myths in Ancient China talk about how the gemstone is crystallized moonlight that has come to us from the highest, holiest mountains. It has been said that you can whisper into a jade stone, and then listen to hear it respond. Green and yellow jade is especially healing for the solar and throat chakras. Jade can protect us from negative energy and cleanse our auric fields.  It can also aid in the detoxification and elimination systems of the body. So with all these incredible properties, it is no wonder that jade is the stone used for beauty and sensuality. Read below to discover face rollers, jade balls for stronger sexual function and desire, Gua Sha for face scraping, and pallets for makeup use.

The Jade Rollers have been used by the royal women of China since the 7th century. They are now being resurrected and becoming a popular beauty technique. The rolling can help with lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness, increasing circulation, and adding healing jade qualities to the face. I have started using one daily after applying a moisturizer so that it helps with absorption. (Make sure to always roll away from the nose outwards. It really does make your skin look healthy and alive.)

Another way to make use of the power of jade is with Jade Eggs. Used by courtesans in Ancient China, they are ideal for women to use after childbirth, or just in general to keep the area toned and healthy. With regular use, one can create a stronger pelvic floor, stronger orgasms, and an abundance of Chi energy. There are a number of sites and books where you can learn more about this ancient practice of seduction.

Gua Sha scrapers for the body are based on the idea that with regular use, you can activate blood circulation, relieve fatigue, help drain lymph nodes, revive Chi, and improve the immune system. Similar to the concept of dry brushing, this can be done in a gentle way at home, or at a specialized spa for the more intensive version. It seems it really is a powerful way to detoxify the skin and body.

Jade Stones are a good tool to have on your vanity or bathroom counter. These are like mini palettes that can enhance the use of certain makeup. Using a makeup brush to lift off lipstick, eyeliner, or makeup from the stone can have the added beautifying jade energy. This can add to the whole beauty ritual element or to the act of getting ready.
While every gemstone has their own special healing properties, jade is one that carries the energy of the Earth and draws the abundance of nature into our lives. We can heal and grow with its power, especially with the tips provided by HealingRadius’ guest blogger Shiva Rose. Thank you—until we meet again!

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