How to Throw Yourself a Great Valentine’s Day

How to Throw Yourself a Great

Ah, Valentine’s Day. To some, it’s the most romantic day of the year. To others, it’s a regular February the 14th. And to the rest, it’s an anticipated date that only reminds them that they’re, in fact, riding solo. In this case, we decided to focus on the table for one, which could really fall under a list of different circumstances. Maybe your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband will be out of town for work. Maybe you’ve just moved to a new city. Maybe there was someone who didn’t put a ring on it and you suddenly realized that you’re worth so much more. So, for this year’s holiday, we at HealingRadius wanted to share a few ways that you can treat and pamper your own self!


Make yourself breakfast in bed

Start your day off right with a little breakfast in bed. And it can be whatever you desire. Nutella french toast with strawberries? What about warm, gooey cinnamon rolls—or better yet, red velvet waffles?


Draw a bubble bath

Create a spa-like bubble bath for yourself—morning, afternoon, or night. Choose the right treatment for you, like calming lavender and rose petal scents, set a lot of candles, and prepare a glass of mimosa (for the a.m.) or a glass of wine or champagne (for the p.m.). And just relax.


Get a massage

One of the best ways to pamper yourself is with a massage. Begin the day-long relaxation process with techniques and treatments that leave a lasting effect long after the massage is over. And luckily, you can book an appointment near you within a matter of minutes using HealingRadius.


Go on a shopping spree

Per several studies, shopping has been found to make us happier than before we walked into the store. Hence retail therapy. It takes our mind off things, it boosts our confidence, it’s gratifying, it’s refreshing, and let’s face it, it feels really, really good.


Indulge in sweets

If there’s ever a day to indulge in the sweetest of sweets without guilt or judgement, it’s Valentine’s Day. And if your go-to is chocolate, dark chocolate, in particular, you’re consuming mood-boosting substances that enhance endorphin levels and promote pleasurable feelings.


Invite your friends

If you have any girlfriends in your boat, why don’t you invite them over? Order food delivery, start a marathon on Netflix, and relax in your most comfortable clothes. Or for a night out, make reservations at the trendiest restaurant in town and treat yourselves to a mouth-watering dinner.


It’s your day to do whatever you please—show some self-love by celebrating yourself this Valentine’s Day! And if you know of more ideas, we’d love it if you could share them with us in the comment section below.

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