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Yoga Poses for

The Fit Cookie‘s Sarah Jane Parker is back to share her top yoga poses for runners. And who better suited for the part than a Zumba Instructor, PiYo Instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine? Sarah Jane’s platform allows her to provide insight into fitness, nutrition, and more, which is what we consider a go-to source of helpful tips, healthy recipes, and above all, motivation to keep us going in life.


Today, we’re focusing on her four favorite stretches that target the muscles and fascia that usually become tight when running. And these tips aren’t helpful for runners only—bikers, swimmers, and anyone else with tight muscles will benefit! Let’s take a look!


4 Yoga Poses for Runners


Pigeon with ayoga-for-runners48wm-blur-557x700 quad stretch: this is one of my favorites! It stretches your hip and glutes in the forward leg and the hip flexor and quad in the rear leg. I’m working on opening my chest more so eventually I can do a King Pigeon pose, but each time I do this stretch it gets better!


From plank position, bring one knee forward and the other leg back, keeping your hips and shoulders square to the front and your hips square to the floor. You can do pigeon without the added quad stretch at first to stretch your hips, leaning forward a bit to deepen that hip stretch. Lift your torso, keeping your chest high and your spine long with shoulders away from your ears, reach back to your foot and bring that foot toward your glutes as far as you are comfortable. Keep your chest elevated and emphasize your inhales in your breath to expand your chest.


You can modify this stretch with a strap if you can’t reach your foot, or you can work on basic pigeon without the knee flexion and build up to that over time.


That one sounds good to us! Click here to read about the other three poses, including the Pyramid and Seated Half Lotus!


And if you know of any yoga poses for runnersor anyone simply dealing with tight musclesplease share them with the team at HealingRadius in the comment section below! Here’s to living a healthy (and relaxed) lifestyle.


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