Honey Love: Nature’s Golden Nectar


One of the easiest changes to make when adopting a healthier lifestyle is exchanging sugar for honey. That’s why we’ve brought Shiva Rose of The Local Rose by to tell us a little more about incorporating it into your daily life. Reaching out to us from her homestead in the Santa Monica mountains, where she and her daughters raise most of their own produce, Shiva has been keeping bees for nearly five years. In that time, she’s learned a thing or two about using their golden nectar as a part of her holistic, healthy lifestyle.


Honey Love ~ Nature’s Golden Nectar

Living with bee hives has given me an even greater appreciation for the honey produced by my busy bees. Not only is their complex world so fascinating, but the elixir they produce is truly nature’s gold. Honey is wonderful for healing the body. It relieves sore throats, clears up the skin, and helps an upset stomach. The superpower qualities of Bee Pollen and royal jelly are also incredible. Here are a few more uses to add to the Honey Love List:


1) If you suffer from hay fever or allergies, a tablespoon of local honey from your area can alleviate the symptoms and lessen the allergies. This is the tradition of the homeopathic method: taking in and ingesting the very thing that is causing issues. Taking in pollen from the honey is an antidote to environmental hay fever.


2) I use the beeswax from my hives for incredible skin masks and balms. The nourishing beeswax replenishes the skin with moisturizing benefits. You can also melt it down and add some essential oils for a restorative balm.


3) As a face wash: cleanse your face with honey or make a mask. Massage it into the skin, and for a power mask, I sometimes add raw goat yogurt. We made these masks at a beauty retreat over the summer in Kauai with Taylor Eye Walker and they were a big hit!


4) Add a few drops of honey with an essential oil to your bath for moisturizing effects.


5) As a natural antibiotic: it can be used on minor cuts and burns. I used Manuka honey to help heal a burn I got from cooking. It accelerated the healing process and kept the burn from getting infected. I also swear it prevented a scar from forming!


6) My kids know my ‘go to’ for a sore throat or upset tummy. They’ve heard it so much they’ll suggest it before I do. A good strong ginger or mint tea with lots of honey. This helps alleviate the pain and soothes the soreness instantly.


7) Honey is a terrific cough suppressant. It is much more effective than cough medication.


8) It can help with sleeping! A spoonful in chamomile tea or raw milk can help induce sleep and helps the body absorb tryptophan.


9) Honey can alleviate hangovers. Yes it’s true! The simple sugars go straight into the bloodstream and can give you a boost when you are exhausted from too much fun from the night before.


10) Add to a hair rinse for extra shine. I always add royal jelly to my conditioner thanks to the advice of Susan Henry.



Move over coconut oil… so we can make some room on the shelf for our new jar of honey! No wonder Winnie the Pooh was always going after it. Got some uses of your own? Tell us about them in the comments!

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