5 Reasons for Guys to Try Yoga

5 Reasons For Guys to Try

Did you know that yoga was originally practiced almost exclusively by men? Yet today, when we think of yoga classes, we think of them having mostly – if not all – female students.

It is true that yoga classes today are largely dominated by women, and it’s estimated that they make up 73% of practitioners in the US. Recent measures, however, like the addition of “broga” classes and major athletes like LeBron James and Ray Lewis opening up about their time on the mat are changing the tone of modern yoga, making it more inclusive and bringing awareness to the ways it can improve anyone’s workout and lifestyle.

Which is why we’ve compiled this list of five reasons why you, manly man that you are, should look into taking up yoga.


It Helps Improve Your Current Workout

Yoga uses the weight of your own body to help build strength and sculpt muscles. By performing long, extended pushups, squats, and leg lifts, you’re getting the same muscle-building benefits of lifting weights by lifting yourself instead. And because it helps to improve body awareness, when you bring your yoga-strengthened muscles back to the weights, you’ll be more tuned in and at less of a risk for injury.


And It Helps Relieve Stress in Ways Your Current Workout Can’t

One of the main reasons a lot of people work out is to relieve stress. Really, what’s a better way to relieve stress than by pumping iron or going all out on the treadmill or a punching bag?

Actually, going hard at the gym can make you more tired and aggressive than taking a yoga class would. Yoga uses a number of relaxation techniques, training your mind to see the bigger picture and act from integrity, which can help make you a calmer, less stressed person overall. According to Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa, “If you want to be more James Bond than Charlie Sheen, get yourself on the mat.”


It Also Helps With That Workout

Yep, yoga can help improve your performance in the bedroom too. Yogi, Ayurveda therapist, and author Cameron Alborzian points out that the relaxation and breathing techniques you pick up from yoga class can translate into increased endurance and help prevent premature ejaculation. Learning to focus your mind can help you better channel sexual energy, “and will make you far more sensitive and responsive to your partner.”


Yoga Helps to Prevent Injuries

The postures done in a yoga class help to not only build muscles but to elongate and stretch them, making them more flexible on the mat and off. The particular focus toward the muscles in these postures also helps to improve body awareness, making it easier for you to pick up when something doesn’t feel quite right. This combination of flexibility and focus will not only help you prevent injuries, but also heal and recover more quickly after a strain.


And It Helps You to Set Goals with Your Workout and Daily Life

Most yoga practices begin with everyone in the class [silently] setting an intention, usually a short-term goal related to the direction you’d like your practice to go. Setting small goals like this on a regular basis can help the many people who struggle to articulate what they want (in yoga and life) do so in real, tangible, and accessible ways.


So, are you ready to get your broga on now? Check out HealingRadius today to find a class near you!

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