5 Medical Conditions Alleviated by Massage Therapy

5 Medical Conditions

By now, most of us know how helpful massage therapy can be for a stiff neck and shoulders or an aching back. We’re also becoming more aware of the health benefits, like stress relief and lowering blood pressure, of a massage therapy session.

So, as if you needed another excuse to book some time with a massage therapist, we found FIVE other medical conditions that can be helped by regular sessions.



While depression has a tendency to keep you from going out, consider trying to make an exception for a massage therapy session. It’s been shown to reduce anxiety and improve the moods of those with depression’s many symptoms, like chronic pain, high stress levels, fatigue, and feelings of disconnect. It does this by reducing the amount of cortisol (a stress-fighting hormone) the body produces, and at the same time increasing the body’s serotonin and dopamine production. A balance of these hormones helps to stabilize one’s mood and leave you feeling a lot better.


Tension Headaches

Tension headaches can be caused by any number of things – stress, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep. But they can also be alleviated by specific massage therapy techniques that help relax muscles around the head and neck, reducing pressure on the nerves there.


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If you’ve gotten whiplash – a type of hyperextension injury – you guessed it, massage therapy is just right for you. In addition to relieving stress, massages help to increase circulation, allowing more oxygen and healing agents to get through to the point of injury, helping to speed the healing process.


Muscle Injury

If you have a more intense muscle injury than whiplash, like a sprain or tear, you can still benefit from massage therapy. As we said, massage increases circulation, which can also reduce muscle spasms and joint swelling. It also flushes out metabolic waste like lactic acid from the muscles, helping you heal more quickly.



Did you know improved circulation can even help with the symptoms of diabetes? Improved circulation leads to a more efficient uptake of insulin by the body’s cells. In addition to circulation, massage therapy is also beneficial as it helps to increase joint motion, decrease stiffness, and make mobility more comfortable overall.


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