Massage Therapists in the Palm of Your Hand

Massage Therapists

Did you know that you can take HealingRadius to go?


Yep – HealingRadius has an app! Available for iPhone and Android users, the app has everything you love about HealingRadius right from the palm of your hand.


If you saw our last blog post and thought, “Hmm…maybe massage therapy is just the thing for my (insert injury/medical condition here),” we’ve got a little more info for you today!


When you’re looking for a massage therapist, you want to make sure they’re not only qualified but that they’re the right person for your specific needs. One massage therapist may be more capable with sports-related injuries while another may excel in helping clients with PTSD. With our search by condition option, HealingRadius aims to bring you together with the massage therapist for you.


(And don’t forget you can also search by therapy if you’re having trouble finding someone in the condition results.)


Once you find a massage therapist you think you’ll mesh with, you can use HealingRadius – the website or the app – to view their business profile and complete website as well as book an appointment or send them a message.


So what are you waiting for? Start feeling better today with the amazing benefits of massage therapy: find the perfect therapist for you through HealingRadius.

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