How to Find the Best Yoga Studio for You

Finding the right yoga studio for you can be difficult. Yoga has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the US, and that means new yoga studios and certified teachers are popping up everywhere. With so many options, how do you find a yoga studio you’ll love without getting bogged down with choice overload? Here are a few tips for finding just the right studio for you!

How to Find the Best Yoga Studio for Your

Figure Out What You Want in a Yoga Studio

First, ask yourself what is it you want from your yoga class. Are you looking for something more relaxing and restorative, or are you looking to build up a sweat? People are drawn to yoga for a variety of reasons. Is it important to you that your yoga has a spiritual aspect? Or is your practice strictly platonic? Do you want to practice in a heated space (some can be up to 110 degrees)? Before deciding on a studio, take a look at the classes they offer to see if they match up with what you’re looking to get out of your yoga practice.

You’ll also want to decide on the technicalities, like how far are you willing to travel for your yoga class? And how much are you willing to pay for it? Yoga classes can vary in price from studio to studio, and that means cost or distance could end up being a determining factor in deciding on your studio.


Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Around

Yoga teachers understand that their classes aren’t going to be for everyone – that’s why there are so many different types of classes. A lot of studios have taken to offering short-term, introductory passes at discounted rates for new students or even free class passes to guests of their current students to allow them to get a feel for the class. So don’t be hesitant to take advantage of these offers; they’re there so you can find your perfect studio.


Listen to Yourself

The biggest deciding factor with whether or not you stick with a yoga studio will ultimately be how you feel in your practice there. You may immediately click with some teachers while others you might not exactly vibe with. And that’s okay. Try out as many yoga classes as you can so you know what feels right for you.


Use HealingRadius

HealingRadius (available online or as an app) is designed to help you find just the right yoga studio; you can search for them by class type, studio name, and even by a condition you’re trying to alleviate with yoga. HealingRadius will provide a list of yoga studios near you, along with all their contact info, to help you learn more!

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