How to Reduce Stress with Reflexology


Stress is everywhere these days. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing; stress is a normal physical response to emergency situations. A little stress can even help increase productivity and keep you alert and focused.

When stress becomes long-term is when your body starts taking on the toll. Stress is an imbalance in your autonomic nervous system (ANS) when your sympathetic nervous system (the “fight or flight” response) is using up too much of the body’s energy to control an anxious state of mind that the parasympathetic nervous system can’t function properly. And the parasympathetic nervous system? That’s responsible for digestion, reproduction, and the body’s repairing processes. You definitely want that functioning properly.

And one way to do that is reflexology.


Reflexology Not Only Reduces Stress…

A way to combat stress in the body through foot massage, reflexology is a natural option for offsetting the effects of stress on the heart and your overall health. Reflexology can help cancel out the effects of stress while also helping the body reach a place of deep relaxation so it can balance the body systems.

Reflexology puts your body through a relaxation process to help it become more capable of dealing with the stresses it experiences in everyday life. It does this by improving lymphatic drainage and venous circulation, stimulation of the nerve pathways, and muscle relaxation, all of which help improve your bodily systems’ functionings.

Any massage, reflexology included, helps to therapeutically reduce stress by improving blood and lymph circulation and encouraging the release of endorphins.


It Also Supports Self-Healing

The physiological benefits of reflexology help to facilitate improvements in how the body assimilates nutrients, eliminates waste, and stimulates the immune system. These self-healing processes help maintain the inner balance that leads to good health in a holistic way.

Nearly everyone can be a candidate for reflexology, even people who may not be able to have traditional massage therapy due to physical restrictions. With reflexology, the massage is limited to your feet and can even be done at home.


Of course, if you’d like to find a certified reflexologist, that can be arranged too! Just check out HealingRadius to find a reflexologist near you and take the next steps to seriously reducing the stress in your life.

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