DIY: How to Make Scented Soy Candles


Want to bring a festive, cheery glow to your decorating this holiday season? Why not try making your very own holiday-scented soy candles?

HealingRadius is here to show you how!


What You’ll Need

  • Soy wax (which you can find at most craft stores)
  • Essential oils (for holiday-scented candles, we recommend peppermint, cedar, or vanilla)
  • Wicks (also in craft stores, pre-made or ready-to-assemble)
  • Containers your candles will go in (like tins, mason jars, or even old bottle caps)
  • A heat-proof container and a pan it fits in
  • Candy thermometer


What to Do

  1. Prepare your wicks in the containers you’ve chosen
  2. The soy wax you get should have instructions for measuring, so follow them and add the necessary amount to make your candles to the heat-proof container
  3. Fill your pan with water and place on the stove
  4. Add the container of wax to the water but do not empty the wax into the water
  5. As the water heats, the wax will melt
  6. Be sure to keep the temperature of the wax below 170℉ to avoid bubbling
  7. Remove the wax from the heat once it’s fully melted
  8. Quickly add 15-25 drops of your desired essential oil and stir
  9. Pour the mixture into your candle molds/containers
  10. Allow the candles to set
  11. Trim the wick to about ¼ inch


And voila! Holiday-scented candles everyone will enjoy!



What are some of your favorite ways to use essential oils? Tell us about them in the comments! And be sure to stay tuned to HealingRadius for more healthy-living how-tos and pointers!

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