Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out on Savasana

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Be honest: have you ever skipped out on the savasana part of your yoga class? We totally understand if you have – it’s hard enough to make time in the day to get your yoga class in the first place and, hey, you’ve gotten your workout. Why lay down in the dark for five to ten minutes when you could be getting on with all the other things you need to do today? If you’re quiet, no one will even notice! And if you’re practicing at home, there’s really no one to notice!

But here’s the thing: that’s not really true. And, believe it or not, lying there on the floor is a very important part of your practice, and we’ve got a few reasons for why you shouldn’t skip it.


Yes, People Will Notice

If you’re taking a yoga class and think you can skip savasana without anyone realizing, we’ve got some upsetting news. First of all, your teacher’s definitely going to notice, and some teachers may even find this to be a bit insulting, as if their full practice wasn’t worth your time. And, as anyone who’s ever snuck in past curfew can tell you, the tiniest of sounds are amplified in a quiet space, so it’s likely other students will notice and be disrupted by you leaving.

But, probably most importantly, your body will notice. Yoga practices – even the slow ones – can be strenuous on the body, which means it needs that cool down time to re-center and come back to normal.


You’re Taking Away Your Own “Me Time”

Just like your body needs time to rest after your practice, so does your mind. Chances are, at some point during the day, you’re wishing you had five minutes alone to recharge. Well, savasana is your chance!

Savasana, aka Corpse Pose, is one of the toughest yoga poses, and not because of its physical demand. In fact, that’s the easy part: releasing your muscles entirely with the floor beneath you to ground and support you. This is so the real magic of savasana can happen a little more easily, so you’re able to clear your mind completely and allow yourself to feel completely at peace.


It’s an Awesome Stress Reliever

So what do you need a stress reliever for? You just took a yoga class, right? It’s true that yoga classes are often referred to as moving meditations, a way to relax while working out. But stress has a nasty habit of wearing us down physically as well as emotionally, causing the body to hold onto tension in certain areas. When we do our physical asanas (or poses), we’re typically relaxing one muscle while causing tension in another.

Once you get to savasana, you’re invited to let all of that tension go. When you lie down for savasana, scan your body from head to toe, releasing any hidden tension you find. As you feel the tension evaporate, you feel what it’s like to be totally in the moment, allowing yourself to be wholly at peace.


That Savasana is Gonna Help with the Rest of Your Day

When you come out of savasana, you do so slowly. You wake up the body with gentle movements in the fingers and toes before stretching out, rolling over to the side, and coming up, lifting the head last. This should leave you feeling rejuvenated, like a battery that’s just been recharged as you head out for the rest of your day.

Plus, whenever stress does pop up out there in the real world, you can call back on that feeling of total relaxation you learned in savasana to maybe release some of the tension of the situation.


So the next time you yoga, remember to stay tuned for the whole savasana!

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