Return of the Kitchen Scraps: Grow Your Own Fruit

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First, we learned how to grow our own veggies from the kitchen scraps we’d normally get rid of. Now, it’s time to learn what to do with those fruit seeds we’re always throwing out!

So grab your leftover fruits, toothpicks, some mason jars or cups, and your best seed-starting soil and let’s get started!



Instead of tossing the seed in your avocado, use it to grow more! First, rinse it off and let it dry then poke toothpicks into the seed around the sides. With the pointed end up, place the seed in a glass of water so that the toothpicks are holding it up and only the bottom quarter of the seed is submerged. Change your water once a week.

When your new avocado stem gets to be about 6 inches long, cut it in half. Transfer the whole thing to soil when the stem regrows leaves and wait for your plant to flourish!


Citrus Fruits

Before squeezing out a lemon or lime, take out the seeds to make more for later! First, rinse your seeds off but don’t let them dry. Put them in soil, which should take up about ¾ of the container. Cover your container with cling wrap and poke holes in the top with your toothpick. Leave your seeds in a warm and watch for them to sprout!



You probably won’t be using that pineapple crown in whatever you’re making, so let’s use it to make more pineapples! Slice your pineapple so that there’s as little fruit attached to the crown as possible and pluck the leaves so that about 5 inches of the crown is bare. Let your crown dry in a sunny spot for 2-7 days.

Next, stick in toothpicks around the sides of the crown and set it in a container of water so that just the bottom of the crown is submerged. Transfer your plant to soil in about 5-8 weeks.



Raspberries have a TON of seeds to get em all, mash your raspberries through a strainer. Next, rinse off the seeds so there’s no fruit left on them and dry them completely. Fill a container almost all the way with soil and go ahead and flick your raspberry seeds in there. Spritz the soil with some water and cover your container with cling wrap. Poke holes in the top with your toothpick and keep your raspberries in a cool, ventilated space.



Pluck the little seeds from your strawberries with a toothpick. Rinse them and allow them to dry in a warm spot for 2-3 days. Cut out the bottom of a paper cup and poke holes in it with your toothpick. Place this in the bottom of another cup and cover it with soil. Flick your seeds into the soil and make sure to keep it moist. Transfer your little plants to a larger pot after 6 weeks.



Slice your tomato into thirds horizontally. Fill a container about ¾ of the way with soil then take any of your tomato thirds and place it on top of the soil. Cover your tomato and fill the rest of the container with soil. Mist your soil with water and keep it in a warm spot, like on top of the refrigerator, and watch for your seeds to sprout!



Another option to getting farm-fresh fruits and veggies this summer is to visit your local farmers market! The beginning of summer is when most get into full-swing and you’re sure to find something fresh, local, and yummy! And don’t forget to keep checking back in with HealingRadius for helpful, healthy and holistic tips!

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