Authentic Mexican Recipes to Try This Cinco de Mayo!

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¡Hola! ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Today is an important day in the history of our neighbors to the south! Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for the “fifth of May,” is the observation date to commemorate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, which occurred May 5, 1862. The battle took place during the French occupation of Mexico. Its victory provided the Mexican Army, as well as the Mexican people, with a significant, unifying morale boost needed to continue resisting the French occupation.

While the battle didn’t lead to a huge turn in how the occupation was going – fighting continued through 1866 when Napoleon III retreated for political and financial reasons following the American Civil War and a threat of war with Prussia – it was significant for other reasons. For one, the morale mentioned above. The 4,000 Mexican soldiers defeating the well-equipped, 8,000-man French arm was certainly an occurrence of David and Goliath proportions. It was also significant because, since the Battle of Puebla, no country in the Americas has been invaded by any other European military force.

So since we know you’re already ready for Cinco de Mayo with a margarita in hand, why not try fixing up a little authentic Mexican food with these recipes from The Other Side of the Tortilla to really round out the celebration? After all, food is absolute, ultimate unifier, is it not?




Pan Dulce





  • Tinga de pollo
    • Shredded chicken stewed w/ tomatoes, tomatillos, chipotle chile, chorizo, and spices
  • Baked taquitos de pollo
    • A healthy take on the fried dish
    • Shredded chicken rolled in a tortilla, served w/ salsa
  • Chilaquiles verdes
    • Shredded chicken over tortilla chips w/ salsa verde, crema mexicana, and cotija cheese
  • Albóndigas en salsa chipotle
    • Mexican meatballs served in a spicy chipotle tomato sauce
    • Served over black beans and rice
  • Pozole rojo
    • Hearty pork stew w/ hominy and spices
    • Garnished w/ radish, onion, Mexican oregano, lettuce, and lime juice




What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Tell us about ‘em in the comments below!

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