Whole Foods and More: What’s New at Amazon

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Amazon, the giant online marketplace for everything from books to yoga mats, from kitchen appliances to kayaks, is getting a little bit giant-er! And as an Amazon Prime member myself, I gotta say I’m always excited to see what the retailer is going to come up with next! Free Prime Two-day shipping on more items? Gimme! Tons of tv series and movies on Amazon Video? Pass the popcorn, let’s binge! A virtual butler/assistant in the form of Alexa? Well…I’ll put that one on a wishlist for my next birthday.

Amazon’s working to make all of your shopping easier, which means a lot of growth for the site that started in 1994. For example:


Amazon Just Bought Whole Foods

Amazon just spent a pretty penny on Whole Foods – $13.7 billion’s worth. Whole Foods has been one of our favorite places to buy organic and natural foods for a while. Now, with the help of Amazon, we’re probably going to see a boom in the availability (and affordability) of Whole Foods’ wares.

While Amazon already offers grocery-delivery services, its current distribution centers are set up for dry goods, not perishables. So this acquisition of Whole Foods points to a whole new sector of growth for Amazon, which could use automation and data analysis to draw in more customers to the grocery stores themselves. What’s likely to happen is that these current Whole Foods stores will become pick-up centers for online orders while those in cities closer to Amazon distribution centers may be able to get fresh, organic groceries delivered right to their door.


Amazon Wardrobe is Gonna Be a Thing

If you’re like me, you’re always a little hesitant to buy clothes online. Are they going to fit like they’re supposed to? And if not, is returning or exchanging them going to be a pain? Well, Amazon wants to help with these issues, so they’ve announced a pilot program called Amazon Wardrobe. The program lets Prime members try clothing on before they buy.

From the Associated Press:

Amazon is testing a new service for Prime members that allows them to try on the latest styles before they buy at no upfront charge. Customers have seven days to decide what they like and only pay for what they keep. Shipments arrive in a re-sealable box with a pre-paid label for returns.

Amazon said Tuesday that more than a million pieces of clothing and accessories are eligible and include brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Theory, and Levi’s. Shoppers receive discounts depending on how much they keep.

Sounds like a definite win/win to me!


Between buying Whole Foods, Amazon Wardrobe, Amazon Pop-Up Stores, and drone delivery, Amazon is quickly becoming a household name and supplier – just think about how easy running all of your errands is about to get!


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