4 Tips to Keep Up Your Workout When Traveling

working out while traveling

Whether you’re on a business trip, weekend getaway, or family vacation, it’s hard to keep up with your normal workout routine when traveling. So check out these top tips for keeping in tip top shape even while you’re traveling!


Book a Hotel with a Gym

We all know how easy it is to abandon a hotel room workout that was never a good enough replacement for the gym anyway. That’s why the first step to ensuring a consistent workout routine is to take the time to find and book a hotel with a decent gym. Check the hotel website or give them a call if you’re not sure what amenities they offer with your room before you book!


Pick a Time You Can Stick To

When you’re traveling, your schedule is all over the place and dependent on a lot of extenuating circumstances. So when you’re planning out your trip, find a time you’ll be able to workout each day and stick to it. And be sure to be realistic; if you’re not a morning workout person, traveling is not the time to start trying to be one. If the only time to workout is just before bed, plan on workouts that aren’t too intense so you can still get some sleep. Either way: remember that something is better than nothing.


Invite Someone Along

One of the most encouraging things for any workout is a workout buddy! If you’re traveling with a group, ask a friend or family member to accompany you to the gym each day. If you’re on a solo business trip, you’re probably encountering others in meetings, right? Invite someone from them along – chances are they’re feeling just as cooped up as you are.


Know When to Turn In

When traveling, it’s almost guaranteed that some (if not most) dinners will last longer and drinks will flow heavier. If you’re not getting a full night’s sleep, you’re not getting the most from your workout, so know when it’s time to turn in each night. And don’t worry: no matter who much you assume it looks bad to leave dinner “early,” it’s generally not true and typically will go unnoticed. Take care of yourself, people will respect that.


What’s one of your biggest barriers to sticking to your workout plan while you’re traveling? Did any of our suggestions help? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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