5 Alternative Wellness Bloggers You Should Follow

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Everyone can use helpful tips and advice for balancing your mind, body, and soul with a new way of being and thinking. Sometimes all it takes is finding an informative blog or Instagram channel to inspire us. However, with the vast amount of information online it can be tricky finding what you need. Here are our top 5 alternative wellness bloggers we adore! Follow them today to learn more!

Top 5 Alternative Wellness Blogs

1. The Complete Herbal Guide

The wellness bloggers at The Complete Herbal Guide believe the best medicine can be alternative medicine, food, supplements, and vitamins. They show readers the truth about health and wellness so you can make informed decisions for you and your family.


Their information is back scientifically by leading field experts, doctors, and other industry experts. Their blogs also cover every condition in depth from A to Z.


2. Mind Body Green

This website is a fantastic resource for those within the wellness community as well as those seeking a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. The wellness blogger at Mind Body Green aims to inspire individuals to change the way they eat, live, and move. Their blogs focus on overall well-being, natural choices and so much more for encouraging healthier lives. They post weekly blogs to provide helpful videos, beauty advice, and online classes.


3. Earth Clinic

This site is brought to you by leading healthcare professional, natural remedies expert, and wellness blogger, Deirdre Layne. Along with running her wellness clinic, her website is also ranked highly among alternative and integrative wellness professionals. She provides expert advice on remedies and alternative information for both professionals and clients alike.


4. Very Well

Wellness bloggers taking picture of healthy mealBesides having a marvelous website design and user-friendly layout Very Well provides easy to understand information on the top five health concerns today. These include Crohn’s Disease, HIV, eating disorders, heart disease, and common colds.

Each day the site will present a variety of tops which you can narrow down the topic based on the information you need. This site is amazing about delivering up to date information so if you can not find the health topic you deserve chances are it will be featured soon.


5. Thrive Natural Medicine

This site is brought to you by an integrative medical center that helps individuals like yourself gain a balanced state so well being. They focus their information on the balance between mind, body, and spirit. Their blog contains valuable information for combating allergies, asthma, and common colds using alternative wellness.

We hope you find this resource of alternative wellness bloggers helpful! At HealingRadius we want to help you find your center. Whether you want to eat better or maintain a healthy mind/body relationship take the leap today. Start your wellness journey today! Start by checking out these amazing wellness bloggers! 



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