The Ultimate Autumn Activities Checklist Everyone Will Love

Take a drive and enjoy autumn activities with friends and family

The fall season is finally underway and winter is coming…. fast! The leaves are turning vibrant colors of red and orange while the mornings greet us with crisp chill air. Though we will miss the long days of summer, we are excited about the change. So get outside and celebrate with some of these outdoor autumn activities!

1. Take in Local Scenery

You don’t have to travel far to have a good time! All across the nation, State Parks offer everything from overnight camping, Halloween costume contests, hayrides, haunted tours, guided nature hikes, and so much more. Get outside and meet exciting new people within your community and discover the beauty of your local area!


2. Autumn Treasure Hunt

Turn your hike into a fall treasure hunt by by geocaching along the way. Geocaching is an outdoor real-life treasure hunting game that uses GPS enabled devices. Navigate to a specific set of coordinates to find a hidden container. Take your time and admire the scenery. By this time a lot the leaves have fallen so it will give you a brand new perspective on a well-tread path.


3. Find and Enjoy the Taste of Fall

Fall is a great time to visit your local farmers market! This season is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of locally grown squash, carrots, greens, and so much more!


4. An Apple a Day

Visit your local orchard for awesome autumn activities‘Tis the season! Now is the perfect time to visit your local apple orchard  and participate in their autumn activities! Just imagine all the cider, applesauce, muffins, pies, and the piece de resistance …… caramel apples you can make!! But if you are not a big apple-eater just the experiences of strolling along the rows of trees in the chill fall air can be a great way to spend your day.


5. Take a Drive

I am thoroughly convinced Sunday drives were invented in autumn! Now is one of the prettiest times of the year because of the vibrant fall colors and swirling wind. Take a casual drive through town, the woods, or the mountains. Load up a picnic and your loved ones and discover a small sliver of wanderlust.


6. Give Thanks

This might not be part of our outdoor autumn activities list but give thanks by sharing what you have with others. Collect for your local food bank and get neighbors involved! This is a great way to get into the holiday mindset!


Honestly autumn is my favorite time of the year and this list of activities could go on and on. But what is really important is getting outside to enjoy the weather. In just a few short weeks we will all be bundled up in sweaters rushing from our cars to get inside. Plan your fall adventure today!

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