5 Pressure Points to Quickly Relieve Your Headache

Woman uses pressure point to help relieve her headache

Headaches are one of the most common pains people experience. It can affect us no matter your age and can range from mild discomfort to throbbing lasting hours. Migraines are a severe type of head pain that can last days and is a serious condition. Have you ever considered acupressure? Well here are five pressure point to quickly relieve your headache today!


5 Pressure Points to Quickly Relieve Your Headache

Your Third Eye

This point is situated in between your eyebrows where your nose meets your forehead. Apply pressure to this point to improve concentration and relieve your headache. Merely apply pressure for 1 minute and if your headache continues more to the next pressure point.

Your Bright Light

This point is in the inner corners of your eyes just below your eyebrows. Gently apply pressure at these two points to relieve your fall sinus pressure and congestion. Apply gentle pressure for 1 minute to both points.

Your Fragrance Points

These points are on either side of your nostrils. Merely apply pressure to these points to open up your sinuses and reduce pressure caused by allergies or congestion.

Your Heaven’s Pillar

Muscle tension in your neck can also contribute to your headaches. Your heaven’s pillar pressure points are located at the midpoint of the back of your neck on either side of your spin. Apply pressure to these points for a few minutes to ease headaches and relax tense neck muscles.

Your Union Valley

Woman suffering from a painful headache and needs to use pressure point to helpThis highly effective pressure point is located on the web of your hand between your thumb and index finger. Apply light pressure to this point with your opposite hand to relieve pressure and tension in your neck and head. Apply for a couple of minutes, release, and repeat the possess with the other hand.


Take Your Treatment to the Next Level

Yes, headaches and migraines have become a common problem in our society and many turn to medications and pills. Know that you have successfully tried these pressure points consider acupressure as a safe drug-free alternative. Find a local practitioner by searching HealingRadius for a center that meets your financial, personal needs, and expectations. Search, book, and pay online in a matter of minutes.

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