Health and Wellness for Holiday Travelers

health and wellness people on the road to visit family for Thanksgiving

Stay Healthy During Your Holiday Travels

Are you planning a getaway and/or family get-together this week? AAA estimates that approximately 50.9 Americans will be hitting the road this week and that is not to mention the chaos that is sure to ensue at airports across the country. While you are worried about delays and getting through security, the last thing on your mind is your health and wellness. So to help you along your way here is how to maintain health and wellness for holiday travelers.


Health and Wellness for Holiday Travelers

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Whether you are cramped in coach or packed in the car with the whole family, it is hard to sleep before or after your trip. Before your departure pick up melatonin to help you ease into a flight or car nap to prepare for the time change. Melatonin is an over-the-counter supplement that will help you sleep without any harsh side effects.

Pack a Mini First Aid Kit

No matter where the road takes you this holiday season, it is important to stay prepared. Pack a small medical kit with vitamins, acetaminophen, Pepto, antacids, and any other medical supplies you might need. Trust me you will be thankful to have an emergency kit handy.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It is recommended that you drink eight to ten glass of water a day. You have a long couple of days ahead of your stay, and drinking water is crucial to staying healthy during your journey. Water will help to maintain the functions of your body’s system including your brain, heart, and muscles.

Wash Your Hands

Family passionate about health and wellness at Thanksgiving dinnerI know your niece/nephew is sweet and adorable but he/she is a breeding ground for germs, and while your siblings have built up an immunity, you have not. You do not want to take off additional days off or spend your first few days back at work sick. Whenever you have the chance, wash your hands or better yet pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

Healthy Travel Snacks

I know it is tempting to grab a bite to eat at the airport or on the road but consider packing a few healthy snacks. Instead of overindulging on a cheeseburger and fries try snacking on apple slices or bananas on your journey.

Take a Break

From your friends, at HealingRadius we wish you safe travels and use these tips to stay healthy and active during your holiday vacation and travels. If you need a break from the in-laws consider finding a local massage therapist by searching here at HealingRadius. Type in your location and find therapists right in the local area based on client testimonials. You can even book and pay for your session in one convenient location.




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