Learn How You Can Protect Your Pet’s Joints

Owner helping to prevent pain in joints and arthritis for her dog

Arthritis and other joint diseases are common in both cats and dogs particularly when they enter their senior years. Some breeds of cats and dogs are genetically prone to developing joint pain as they age. While you can not reverse joint disease, you can slow its progression and prevent the problem from worsening. Here are five ways you can ward off problems and provide treatment for your pets.

1. Prevention

Arthritis typically develops as a result of past injuries. Before your puppy or kitten’s bones and joints mature, avoid over exercise, jumping too high, or anything that could result in injury. Always make sure you actively supervise your furry friends exercise routine.

2. Consideration

Even fully grown animals can hurt themselves by jumping or falling. Make it easier for your pet to do what they love without having to risk an injury. For example, if your dog normally rides in the car provide them with a ramp so they can easily get in and out of the car. This way they do not have to risk injuring themselves in a leap.

3. Treatment

Any experienced veterinarian will tell you should treat any suspected injury quickly to reduce the chance of later joint problems. If your pet has been injured take them immediately to the vet’s office do not wait.

4. Healthy Diet

Choose a healthy diet for your furry friend. By adding joint supporting supplements to a healthy diet, you can help to slow the progression of arthritis or any other joint diseases. If you start early, you can even prevent joint problems all together in some cases.

5. Daily Exercise to Help Joints

Joint diseases are a vicious cycle. Just like people, when it hurts to move, animals stop exercising, and this causes weight gain putting more stress on their joints. Gentle exercise will keep the joints healthier and make them feel better in the long run. Because joints stiffen during naps, consider investing in a heating pad or blanket to get your pet limber before a nice morning walk.

We love our furry friends, and they love us. It is important to remember they depend on us to keep them happy and healthy. We hope you found this blog helpful and informative. Please comment, like, and share this blog with fellow animal loves.


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