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Here’s the Deal with the Full Moon

Long before we landed on it in 1969 and even now – nearly 50 years since – we humans have low-key been obsessed with the moon. Our closest celestial neighbor, the full moon can turn even the most skeptic among us into a believer of the lunar effect. Science, however, is pretty adamant that there’s […]
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Happy Chinese New Year from HealingRadius!

The Year of the Rooster I am feisty and forthright I honor and incorporate control I exhibit consistency and precision While maintaining law and order I am tenacious and persuasive Yet observant and demanding I am in search of excellence Never giving in or backing down I am perceptive and challenging Equipped to take on […]
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January: National Hot Tea Month

If there’s one thing that HealingRadius enjoys, you know, besides yoga, hearty meals, nutritious recipes, DIY projects, and keeping up with the latest health and wellness trends, it’s a nice cup of hot tea. Some of our very own team members wanted to contribute—Alex, HealingRadius’ brand ambassador, said, “I like green and chamomile tea because […]
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