Farmers Market Shopping: You Don’t Want to Miss These Secrets


Those warm, sunny, summer days are coming up, which means the HealingRadius team is getting ready to weave in and out of stands at the local farmers market. We love the market, but we’re also aware that some people feel confused by all the unknowns of this type of shopping etiquette. That’s OK! Grab a bag and some smaller bills (because farmers appreciate not having to make change) as we go through 6 secrets to farmers market shopping. Because you don’t want to miss out on the juiciest parts of the experience.


Approach it with an open mind

Rather than having a strategy in place, visit your local farmers market with an open mind. See what’s available that day, what looks good, and just go with the flow. Easy enough, right?


Introduce yourself to the farmers

The farmers and vendors are there to guide and inspire you to be creative and work with different ingredients, especially if you have no idea of where to look. Talking to them is really one of the bigger benefits of going to the farmers market.


Go straight for the flowers

Right in the beginning, go for the flowers because they’re just so beautiful and they do sell out early (and quickly). But, if you’re a chef, go for the produce first.


There’s really no reason to bargain

Bargaining should not be part of the plan when it comes to farmers market shopping. Isn’t that the point, anyway? When you buy direct, cutting out the middleman, you’re presented with prices that are lower than what you’d find at the grocery store.


Buy whatever’s in season

Like bundles of herbs, for example. Herbs of any kind! The fresher they are, the more natural oils they have and the more flavor they bring.


There’s no need to be shy

We mean touching, tasting, smelling, and asking questions. Of course, don’t squeeze things like tomatoes and avocados if you’re trying to figure out how ripe they are. Instead, ask the farmer. You can also taste any goodies on display, allowing you to sip and sample your way through each vendor.
Consider this an adventure instead of just another errand, and you’ll never look at a farmers market the same way again. Are we right? Tell uswhat are your secrets to farmers market shopping? Which goods are you more likely to purchase? And as always, here’s to living a healthy (and fresh) lifestyle.

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