5 Best Yoga YouTube Channels

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There are countless reasons to start practicing yoga. Finding time to attend classes can be difficult with a busy schedule. You may be wondering what are the best yoga YouTube channels if you cannot make it to a local class?! There are plenty of yoga YouTube channels that can guide you through your practice!

You can enjoy yoga even when you cannot attend a class. Here are 5 of our favorite yoga YouTube channels. Our favorite YouTube channels have a wide variety of videos. Some channels have short meditation focused videos, while others have longer, and more focused, videos.

5 Best Yoga YouTube Channels to Get You Back on The Mat


1.  Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is relatable and down-to-earth. Her yoga classes will make you relax. Yoga With Adriene offers a great selection of videos and playlists. Her video classes include topics for beginners, healing, travel, and weight loss sessions. Adriene posts a new video every week, and all her classes are amazing!

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2. Boho Beautiful

Unwind and relax with the unique and artistic content created by Juliana and Mark. These two are the dynamic duo of the yoga world. Complete with beautiful backdrops to transport your practice to sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, this YouTube yoga channel is beautiful. Join one of their many sessions to rejuvenate your soul and tone your body. They also share workout challenges, travel vlogs, inspirational videos and so much more.

Most Popular Videos:

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3. TaraStiles

Tara Stiles has been a part of the YouTube yoga community for ten years. She provides terrific instructions for yoga positions that range from basic to challenging. Her examples are easy to follow and she explains every move making it easy to follow along. Her goal is to make yoga accessible and fun for all body types who want to benefit physically and mentally.

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4. PsycheTruth

This yoga channel has its roots in Swedish massage. Users love that it focuses on integrated yoga videos. PsycheTruth helps viewers achieve specific goals such as improving energy, or relaxation. Taught by licensed therapists, certified holistic healing coaches, and yoga instructors, this is a resource of helpful yoga information!

Most Popular Videos:


5. Fightmaster Yoga


Lesley Fightmaster leads fantastic sessions specialized to reflect your day. Lesley’s YouTube channel can help you if your day has been particularly challenging. A calming yoga session is the key for destressing and letting go. Her channel will provide a yoga routine for any mood.

Most Popular Videos:


We understand it can be difficult finding time to attend yoga classes or sessions online. Use this list of your top 5 best yoga YouTube channels to exercise your mind and body anywhere. When you have the time, find your next yoga class here at HealingRadius. Searching your location and type of class you wish to enroll and read client testimonials.


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