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Aches and pains are an unfortunate part of life. Whether they’re physical, mental, or emotional, giving these pains and aches the attention they need to heal or cure is an important part of healthy well-being.

That’s why HealingRadius is here!

HealingRadius connects you with alternative wellness instructors and holistic healers in your area to help make sure you get the care you need.

From traditional mental and physical therapists to Reiki and Ayurvedic healers, HealingRadius has something for everyone. Just moved to the area and need to find a new yoga instructor? Or tried everything for your back pain and interested to see if acupuncture might work better? Interested to see if hypnotherapy might finally help you quit smoking? Or maybe you’ve gotten up the nerve to try acupuncture?

Whatever therapy you’re looking to find, HealingRadius can help. You can search by the condition you have, the therapy you need, or for a specific wellness center to connect you with the help you need on We also have a free app so you can search on the go!

When you search for an alternative therapy on HealingRadius, you’ll be given a list of independent therapists and wellness centers near you for you to explore. With the help of our users, we even provide reviews and ratings for the therapists that turn up in your search. That way, you know you’re going to the best around to help you heal.

If you create a free account with us, you can even sign up and pay for sessions or classes through your HealingRadius account. The calendar in your account can help you keep track of the therapists you’ve visited as well as the upcoming sessions you’ve signed up for. And, again, all of that’s available right in the palm of your hand if you get the HealingRadius app!

Of course, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. But with an app so simple, we have no doubts you’ll have no trouble at all finding the help you need through HealingRadius!


Are you an independent therapist or wellness center owner? Check out HealingRadiusPro, our business management software for alternative healers!

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