Why Beats Per Minute are so Important to Your Workout

Runner using the benefit of beats per minute

Have you ever gone to the gym to only turn back when you discover you forgot your headphones? For most people music is just as vital to a successful workout as water. But, why are beats per minute so important to your workout?  

Why Beats Per Minute are so Important to Your Workout

Running using beats per minute to workoutThe right playlist gives you adrenaline and will help you push past your limits even when your body is screaming “no more.” Recent studies have shown that there is a definite correlation between music and movement. As the beat of a song increases the faster your body wants to move.  


When you are fatigued, your body tells you it’s time to stop, but music helps as a distraction forcing your mind to focus on the beat. While your fast-paced music playlist cannot make the workout easier, it does push you further by increasing your endurance.

The key to your workout playlist is balance. If your music choice is too fast or too slow, it can hinder your workout. The perfect song will mirror your ideal heart rate. To find your maximum heart rate subtracts your age from 220, then multiply by the percent you want to reach.

Once you have your maximum heart rate, you can now find songs that match! Sync your playlist, hit the gym, and jam out to the perfect beat.


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