How and Why You Need to do a Life Audit

Sometimes we get so caught up and busy with life that we forget to stop and look up. That is why every once in awhile it is important to take a step back. How are you? Where are you going? What is really important to you? Has something changed?  Here is how and why you need to do a life audit.



How and Why You Need to do a Life Audit


Life Audit (n, Origin Unknown): An exercise in self-reflection that will help to uncover or revisit your values, drive, passion, and inspiration. Could be thought of as spring-cleaning for the soul.


Everyone can benefit from a life audit no matter your age or experience. So without further ado here is how to get started. Grab a hot cup of tea, a notebook, and pen, and make yourself comfortable. Organizing your life does take time after all.


100 Wishes

Take 100 post-its and write down a wish you have on each one. It can be a wish or a goal that you really want; doesn’t matter how big or small. Just sit and brainstorm until you reach your goal of 100 or run out of wish ideas.


Most people will stop at 30ish when they run out of things they want to do or accomplish. That is perfectly ok! They do say the smaller the goal, the more obtainable it will be to reach…. Or so I am told.


Here are some examples from my wishlist:

  • Visit all seven continents before I die
  • Fill my passport
  • Eat real pizza in Italy
  • Make something people love


Wish Mapping

Once you are done brainstorming, you can start grouping your wishes by theme. For example Family, Professional, Giving Back, and Health. I would suggest getting the group themes slightly more specific than this. However, this really depends on the number of wishes and what you want to accomplish.


While some themes you will discover will not surprise you,  some probably will.


Plotting Out Your Wishes

Now that you have a better understanding of your values and what you want to accomplish it is time to start scheduling. This can be broad goals of when you want something to happen, but it will give you an idea of when you want something to happen. Having a set time frame will help you reach your goals.


I have found in my personal experience that when I don’t put a deadline on anything from work or hobbies, I will take forever. Sometimes opportunities will go by, or I will never finish what I start.


It Is Time to Begin

Enjoy your life audit and discover something new about yourself. You will never know until you start. Have a great weekend everyone and let me know in the comment section below how it goes.



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