Why Millennials Are Dedicated to Mindfulness

Millennial focus on being present in the moment with mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of being present in both mind and body. Other than being a trending topic, millennials consider mindfulness essential for maintaining a healthy mindset and easing the effects of stress. According to researchers, millennials practice mindfulness more regularly than any other generation.

Millennials are more self-aware and notice outward stress more than past generations. They know the importance of mindfulness and are more likely to notice ties to specific health problems.

While their approach to mindfulness differs compared to previous generations, millennials work hard to achieve it. In this blog, we will focus on the importance of mindfulness for millennials and how to accomplish a healthier mindset.

Why Are Millennials Stressed

Here is a study from the American Psychological Association comparing health problems experienced by baby boomers and millennials:

  • Poor sleep:
      • 53 percent of millennials vs. 30 percent of baby boomers
  • Depression or anxiety:
      • 51 percent of millennials vs. 27 percent baby boomers
  • Stress:
      • 60 percent millennials vs. 37 percent baby boomers
  • Self-doubt:
      • 39 percent millennials vs. 21 percent baby boomers
  • Lower productivity:
      • 31 percent millennials vs. 17 percent baby boomers

Millennials more than baby boomers say that their family, co-workers and even pets will benefit from the positive effects of mindfulness.

A Different Approach to Mindfulness

Young millennial sipping tea and practicing mindfulnessAccording to an in-depth survey conducted by Dignity Health, 64 percent of millennials practice activities to achieve mindfulness, like yoga, meditation, journaling, or other activities, while Baby boomers embraced mindfulness by being present in their daily lives and only 19 percent did a specific exercise to gain mindfulness.

Ways You Can Achieve Mindfulness

Allow yourself to focus on the present and complete critical tasks without being overwhelmed.

Millennials believe practicing mindfulness should be enjoyable, not work. Merely adjust your breathing while completing a difficult task or attend a yoga class to find your center and allow yourself to become self-aware and relaxed.

Let go of your stress to achieve happiness and mindfulness by meditating, journaling, hiking, or other activities to calm your mind. Use HealingRadius to find local integrative wellness opportunities to help in your pursuit of physical and mental wellbeing!

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