Keep Calm and Happy Holidays

Family keep calm and happy holidays

The holidays are here, and that likely means you have more to do than you have time to do it. Since you cannot clone yourself ( …. yet) and Santa has the elves monopolized, staying calm among your neverending list of things to do can be challenging. Take a deep breath before you have a meltdown and vow to skip the holidays next year, it is time for some calming strategies. Here is how you can keep calm and happy holidays.


Keep Calm and Happy Holidays

Fresh Air

While it might be cold outside you can not hibernate until the spring. Being out in the fresh air can make a massive impact on the way you feel especially during stressful times. Moreover, I can already hear your inner monologue. Walking from the car to the mall or your house does not count.

If you feel stress creeping up on you, take a 10 or 15-minute walk around the pack or bundle up the family for a stroll around town to see the lights. The more time you spend outside, the less chaotic your holiday will seem.

Make Time For Exercise

So many times we put exercise on the back burner when our schedules fill up. However, no matter how busy your holiday season is this year, take 10 to 30 minutes a day to get your heart rate up. If you do not have an hour for the gym time, it is all right. Try yoga in your living room or do squats while waiting for that pie to come out of the oven.

High Energy Foods

Cute little girl enjoying the holidays and she is keep calmThe abundance of sugary sweets and the lack of time can play a huge factor in our eating habits during the holiday season. Nibbling on candy during the day is a time-saver, but the sugar will only give you a temporary energy boost followed by the crash. Instead, try to lean proteins like nuts, colorful fruits, and vegetables. Pack a snack for your next shopping excursion made up of cut vegetables, raw nuts, and possibly a low-fat yogurt. This little snack will help to boost your energy levels and stabilize your mood.

Simplify When Possible

Santa has his elves, and you should enlist help yourself this holiday season. It can be tempting to take it all on yourself, but this is a recipe for stress and chaos. Ask your significant other for help or involve the kids. But no matter what don’t overwhelm yourself this holiday season. You do not have to do it all to have a fun or memorable season, just focus on what brings happiness to you and your family. It is okay to say no and to slow down.

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