3 Natural Remedies for Anxiety using Yoga

Young woman using yoga as natural remedies for anxiety
Natural remedies for managing anxiety yoga and meditation


Natural Remedies for Anxiety using Yoga Techniques

Trying to balance work, gym, finances, friends, family and still trying to get 8 hours of sleep every night can leave your mind whirling. Most of us can relate to dealing with anxiety or stress at some point in our lives, but now you can use natural remedies for anxiety and stress! If you don’t manage stress, chronic anxiety may cause significant health problems, drain your energy, and can cause deep emotional distress. There are three unique ways that yoga can natural remedy your anxiety.


Yoga is an effective tool for reducing stress in both the mind and body by building up coping skills through daily sessions that focus on breathing and meditation. It helps to find your center of being and will lower the levels of stress hormone, cortisol. By incorporating yoga into your daily routine, you will discover the strength to face your fears and challenges without falling into a cycle of anxiety and stress. Here are three ways that yoga can help manage your stress anxiety.


1. Natural remedies for anxiety & stress through controlled breathing:

One of the most important benefits of yoga is focused and controlled breathing. In times of stress and anxiety, your body constricts causing short and swallowing breathing. This can cause lightheadedness, fainting, and could trigger an anxiety attack. By focusing on slow deep breaths when stressed you can effectively clear your mind and concentrate on the task at hand.


2. Reduce tension to lower anxiety:

When feeling anxious or stressed your body constricts and causes your muscles to tense. You may not even be aware that this is happening. Prolonged stress and anxiety can cause muscular pain in your back, neck, shoulders, as well as other areas of the body. Yoga works to improve your posture, balance, and aids in reducing muscle tension by stretching and relaxing your body.

Healing meditation natural remedies for anxiety and stress


3. Keep yourself emotionally in-check:

Often when you are suffering from stress and anxiety, you tend to isolate yourself because you may feel no one quite understands what you may feel. This causes loneliness, which might allow your emotions to get out of check. When you attend a yoga class, you have the opportunity to meet new people and share in a unique community environment. No matter the class, your instructor, will emphasize finding your center and coming to peace with your situation by strengthening yourself or by reaching out to a higher power. For any individuals finding faith in something greater than yourself can be helpful when managing stress and pursue a peaceful being.


The key to reducing stress in the body naturally with yoga is to let go and focus on relaxation, whether you have an hour or 5 minutes to devote to meditation during your work week. By training your mind and body on daily basis you will develop essential skills in order to quiet your mind and focus on the tasks at hand with a reasonable perspective. Find your next yoga class here at Healing Radius simply search your location and type of class you wish to enroll.


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