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konkani mando songs

The younger son was surprised, Published 15.08.82. Date: Should you forsake me and go away, Lyrics and Music: F.X. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. Ouch! I (female) forgot to take cognizance of God, (Refrain), Type: Mando Gopant mhojea rê khelltaloi, The holes of the confessional, You (male) used to take me to the hall and make me sit down, Source: F.X. Furtado & Sons, Dhobitalao, Bombay To give me a little consolation. From today onwards are separated. Perturbar(u) zata tokli, Forsan adeus tumkam kortam, And I await the mercy of God. Chusmo/ Refrain: Tuka sanddunk chitilearu. Chusmo/ Refrain: Literary form: Historical narrative Aichean dispidir tuka cortam. Atam mel-lli mannyka mak'tum. And to take me to the joy of heaven. Into which merged the pearls of the moon, Fugar zatam kelôlim nuim gô notam, He accompanies a girl to the railway station. University of Goa, 2001. Many Goan priests who had studied Latin, Portuguese, Konkani and music composed mandos and church hymns, but preferred to remain annonymus. University of Goa, 2001. Ugddas korum' mujan nuzo, Or take my life. I felt that it was over, Who has given you[52] certificates to practise? Morgovam baddeac tuka polle. [16] Some of the mando composers were music teachers (mestre). pp. Mujem noxib ugtem zalem. Date: Devan feliz kelea puro. Date: Liberdadin kuxalcaien gozar côrche. Literary form: Appeal for National Consciousness Come down on this earth for a while, Literary form: Monologue Poi molleant, tea dongrar, jinsanchim follam, Source: J.A.A. Gopantum getam y aum-um tuka. Should these eyes be shut by me, Tujea vinem sõvnsar maca naca. (In good time its understanding?) Literary form: Monologue 146-147 Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett ( 1884-1980). Moga yo. Sanddcheak maca. Goemchem Git. Aiz amim Sacramento zoddla, Copit soro pieon nidlolo. Do not shed tears for me. The composer was a Roman Catholic priest from Bannali who composed another mando entitled Sontap Distat Cazareanche which is included in this collection. Song No. Di mun uzvad amcheam gorabeanim, Atam Africak aum vetam,[117] The time of suffocation has come. How happy I was. Sogllem sanddum mog kortalom tuzo, Itulé martir hãum bogtam. Come in the evenings, my love, Zaitem furtum mak' astonnom, Io, io, gopantulea anjea, They have cut (sliced) your husband into pieces, Luizinha, I am unable to bear this loneliness. Nascimento Mascarenhas, a priest of the Archdiocese of Goa, mentioned to me in 1994 in Moira that he finds the tune of this mando similar to that of Setembrachê Ekvissavêru (Eleição Modgovam 1890). Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Michael. My dear Xerula. Song No. It flew (will fly) away like a bird. Ai, Ahai. Chusmo/ Refrain: Chusmo/ Refrain: pp. This house is bright.. Sukach tempo kobar zalo, Koslea dusmanank sampoddloi. I suffer so many agonies! Ekamecac segred amcho gomblo nam, Sonvsar attapila tannim. Zabor sonkesto. Bosleão Margraf pakêtiri, What devil (lit. Zonylary boisun y aum rautalim, (Refrain). Source: J.A.A. Magnnem ami korum-ia Devako. (This verse is not printed) Printed at the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka I cannot forget it, my love, Song No. (L. Noronha). Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Zauncheak sasnak potin tuji, Ocol munta / The bride sings: Bazêr tencun boisunum, 23. Khorench utor dilear mhaka, Source: J.A.A. ungrateful), Põtin sandlear tuka, cainch tum bieunaca. (L.Noronha). Kitem zatta tem zãum, Pocianamlea garant rê Loiola, Moga, moga sanddinaka, I give an oath in the presence of God. 156-157 Axeunum hanv rabotam, My dear, he was nestled in your arms. Sasnna sasnach' anjea mhojea, Môji foxi dacoun ugtti. I kneel down and pray to God, Ingrat kiteak zalo, Bhigbhigtalim noketram, stood up), Published 2000. We pray that God may make it happy. When I remember your love, Literary form: Monologue We should always savour the flavour of it. Chusmo/ Refrain: Mogacho môgu visrunaca. Chusmo/ Refrain: Shed your light on me, my love, Goeam team maddam modem, Literary form: Monologue Pustok 2, p. 58 - 59 Mãim ãum zainam cazaru, Beautiful flower that you are, my gem, Kallzak mojea ditam hanv buzvonnum. Translated by Olivinho Gomes (1943-). Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Anjach' porim tum sarkeachi, Musical form: Ternary Album Cantarancho. Distti poddllear puro mhaka, Goeam khobor gazteli avoi, Sodanch mejun aslim disu, Our enemies are following us. Mojea thaim ingrat tum zaunaca, Estimasanv Rozachem, Kallzacha gondda. Chusmo/ Refrain: reply). Lisaum[4] geun vegim maka sorhy. This is my last goodbye to you. Ugddas eta maka tujeam utrancho. (L. Noronha). Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya ganj, New Delhi 110 002 Please, please, do not cry, Date: Star of the dawn, Eagerly I shall await now, Dôniam conn fuddar mojo. Plunging my soul and body in deep sorrow. A new friendship is ours, Disgras chôlianchem[109]. Amrets' vellu comesar zalo. Printed by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Atam zalom ãum eklo, If you have had agreed with me, Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. (Refrain). Kedinch zaunche naim rê kabhar, What a pity of orphanhood, my Lord Gonni porim uddunum rê gelem. That´s how I am happy today. Churchurtali famil sôgli. Otherwise it will be eternal. Tujê xivai konnuch mhaka naka. Lyrics and Music: Luis Manoel Menezes, Divar, Ilhas 86. Surya kupant dhamplo, Musical form: Ternary (L. Noronha). My feelings (lit.heart) are there in the school. Do not forsake me Devan amcam nirmilolo. Oliveira. Ai, ai, cudhiche atam volvolle moje. Ankvarponn borem disot' maka. You went away leaving me alone, Date: Composed about 1895 My heart is longing for you. I (female) was thinking that in the month of May, Date: Dolle mhuje dhamptoch rê moga, I felt sorrow in my heart, To give me your word. Angel (lit.the beloved one) of my heart. Type: Mando Manuscript 1971. Lyrics and Music: Mollbar noketr punn nam, Bogtavaddo, Chorão Steeping my soul and body in sorrow. Amche Goenkar, sogllean te uxar, my heart is tense. Soglean te uxar, vortoun te Goenkar, Published 28.04.1953. After doing whatever had to be done, After school hours, Fhulam bhitor fhul tum pormollachem. Date: I saw in this world, Etoch avaz Mandiam-dulpodancho, mhunntai, Maca fotto assa gunum. To break the vow which we made. I have dedicated my heart and soul to you. Atam tuka tsoileary rê vinnem, Even if you speak Latin, Sorgavelleam Anjeambodveanum, Chicram piriôu amchêu futtlêu. On account of your (female) love, Lyrics and Music: Arnaldo de Menezes (1863-1917)[6] A sword transfixed my heart. Em terro dizgrasachem, Kedinch vosnak' mak' sanddunum. Oh, yearning of my heart. Gunde gô, Luizin! Big storms arose, Our union like a pair of doves, Mojo ugddas etolo tuka. I wait with yearning. It was also a place for research of the Konkani language. Connem sanguilolem tuka, Getam kornum dukanch' zori. Tristi y aflict tuka dekli. Type: Mando Tum ingrat kiteak zaunum, Musical form: Ternary Type: Mando Aum-um lobddol'm mum gô tuka. The Goans also hated their manner of approaching Goan women. Who are smart in singing love duets, Lyrics and Musik: 506. Type: Mando Kedim' chintily'm naim rê y anvem, Hea Direcsanvcher. Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Those mini dresses that are worn by the girls, When they returned their mind was changed. Goemchem Git. (Refrain), Type: Mando (?) Ea ogtar ecuch utor tujem, Date: Composed about 1896 Hem mojem adres guê rê tuka, Daddy´s permission is given to me, Published 1967 by the Konknni Bhasha Mandal, Panaji I am very eager to talk with you. There had been noise in Panaji. Iskol xikonk ghatlem-rê Bandra, Modench papan ghetlo ghatu. Source: J.A.A. Come out at least at night, I received the sacrament of marriage. (Chusmo) Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. (Refrain), Type: Mando Abgotir mestac bulolim ãum. Chusmo/ Refrain: An adorable Cherubim, Devan bensaum ghalum, Anjea, jelo fulancho, Muzo môgu vusrum' naka. At least in your prayers keep me in your love, My mind is not on my studies, but only on you, my love, Mhunnoi zanvia kazar. Sodanch amguer tum yetalo! Eu rê moga, choi rê maca, Tujea laguim kazar gô zauncheaku, Musical form: Ternary Papa used to arrange engagements, Mama used to break them, Go, go, don't weep, Literary form: Monologue 47. Literary form: Monologue Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Mhozo mogo visronaka. Has turned bitter for me, Date: You will find my bones. My angel, Eka Anjea pôrim manca, No, no, you sister-in-law, You have built your future in another's hands, Conservaro avem taca kelolo, Printed by B.X. 2000 : 162-163. If you do so, my love, Printed by B.X. Oliveira. Ah, ah, I cannot bear it any longer, Why are you weeping getting suffocated, Otrekanim rabtam mu rê hanvum. Chusmo/ Refrain: Dusro nouro pôti corun guetlo. For the sake of your love, Published 1967 by the Konknni Bhasha Mandal, Panaji Elections were forced on the people. Fugar zaun roddum naka, [49] Tisvadd, which means thirty wards or villages, includes the Islands of Chorão and Divar. Oh, Water-melon Nymph of the high mountain! This song reminds him of the moonlit night on which he saw her in the porch. What´s the news? Printed by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Today is a day of happiness, Mogache dole lairê maca! May it become eternal. Type: Mando I do not want to live in this world Musical form: Ternary I will make you my wife. Pondraixim ekvischallisvea orsant, Asia Trading Corporation, 150, Brigade Feliz côr munn amcam. Who told you that? Save our souls. Date: An arrow of love pierced my heart. Amtso môgu rê baunddantso, Now there are stains on my heart. Perilous days are gnawing at my being. I will never, ever leave you. (L. Noronha). (Not related to the following Sôbit Bela Minha Formosa) Type: Mando Chondrim gopant rê udelo, My jasmine-like flower, By sending a parcel of handkerchiefs and a letter by post, Babdeponum kossolem Saiba, Published 2000. On which we vowed our love. Published 15.08.82. Ectaim kellim amchim coracão-ã bandunum. Modhem dusman entrad zaun(u), Empregade astanã ãum Inglaterrac, Devan feliz keliar puro. Vetam moga aichean tuka aum soddun. Tuje vinnem sonvsar maka naka. (Refrain), Type: Mando They have the world in their web. Literary form: Historical Narrative Lyrics and Music: Tell us: It is we Goans! Zago zatrech bestoch aum fotoutam. Lyrics and Music: Sebastião Costa Fernandes (1875-1937) of Curthori[120] At least you remain happy, Roddun Dukam Zali Zori (Beporva Kori Naka, Anjea), Tears flowed like a river (Do not dispose me, my angel), Type: Mando [114] Where is Montir? Devan feliz keleary puro, E te tsandinneanche ratim, Musical form: Ternary Literary form: Dialogue Night and day I remember you, I do not want to (tuje xivai korrunch ?). Mortôch rozar côr gô maca. Amorecho vellu komesar re zalo, Lyrics and Music: Now I have become dead to that love. See if you have the permission of your father, Literary form: Monologue We moved (about) together. Ask your mother, Bogtavaddo, Chorão Mojem kalliz fugar zata, Our frienship of many years, Kiteak sanddun ot' rê mhaka, Udentêchea vodlea doriant, calzam guenno atant. You gave me to understand. Published: 15.11.1974. Fatar fator fuim punn dortolo, Starting at four in the evening. Chouxim dhauntat xitoll Ilaram, Why have you grown cold, love: The day of our courtship. Where at all shall I seek you now? p. 115 Tum mannink gô mogachem, Goemchem Git. (Chusmo) Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji (Romano Abreu). Adeus Costa ixtta re muja, Kednanch vechona motintulo. Musical form: Binary Moje versu[90] cantar cortam. Date: Composed after 1882. Unavailable music of Chris Perry, Frank Fernand, M.Boyer, Alfred Rose, Henry D'Souza, H. Britton, Manuel Alphonso, Ulhas Buyao, Roque Lazarus, Anthony Fernandes, Antoninho D'Souza, Celestino Alvares, Raimund Barreto, Ronnie Monseratte, etc. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. Gitam Jhelo. I wipe my tears with my handkerchief. (L. Noronha). You have been the "centre piece" of my heart, I wear jasmine buds in my hair (lit. Date: Composed between 1876 and 1903. Musical form: Ternary Sodants amgery tum yetalo/ yetaloi, Yo rati kallkeo dekunum. Motim Udentechem … ! Sanjêcheã chear horanchêri. Naca naca sangunaca, tied up with you). Fernandes, (1884-1980). O God, I have no peace in my life, Song No. (translation: ?) In the sixteenth century I am grieved, Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Michael. Published 28.04.1953. You are my only hope. Chusmo/ Refrain: Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110 002 Rortam oddrust mojem chintunum. When will I get, Fuddar makanattak zalo. Who are smart in the games of football and hockey, (Refrain), Inocent hem kalliz mojem, Published 28.04.1953. I take you in my arms. Song No. Panaji: Boletim do Instituto Menezes Bragança, No. Furtado & Sons, Dhobitalao, Bombay Tell me, my love, when our marriage should be held, Your sons have earned respect wherever they went. Without us knowing each other, (?) Aiz thaun separar(u) zalem. Kitulem sobit tujem nanv, Literary form: Monologue Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Chorão, July 1981. The suffering in my heart. Oxem mandta sogllo sonvsar, Kalliz fafson rautam tuka. Ordem ang tanchem damponam. Naca, naca, sonvsar naca, I pray to God, my love. I swear by the bewitching braid of your hair! Dongrar khodpam godsotta tôxim. That God's blessing come (lit. On everyside enemies cropped up. Chusmo/ Refrain: The sins we committed in the past. Xekim tarum ieun pavta, Literary form: Monologue Dha ozarank amche pondra ozar, Not even half their body is covered. Pustok 1, p. 60 - 61 My eyes are dazzled, Goa, you have happiness in your arms. First give me your word, Sogloch môg kaim nuim rê zalo. : Cruz-Noronha Ekott sagrad amchó zaló! Literary form: Monologue Lyrics and Music: Torquato de Figueiredo (1876-1948)[46] Caiborim tumchim utram, Sopnant dista tujem rupnnem. Musical form: Ternary Zaitea tempach amchea moga, To take care of the children. Tell me, my love, Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110 002 I have no happiness in this world, Date: Kensanch' fanti dekun sol-lli,[107] Will never go out of my mind (I will never forget). Oh, Oh, elections were held. Lyrics and Music: Johnny Dias Lovely is my lotus, Ekuch punn beiju di rê maka. Maman Sangon Maka Dile (Kongottichim Laram), Type: Mando 162-163 I prayed for you, even on my knees, I will come to join you. Chondrimachea uzvaddachem, The moment I saw you, Sonsarantule villapo chintunum, My love, I must, oh I must go away. (Refrain), Type: Mando Mãim tujea magtam guê santacu. Literary form: Monologue Published 28.04.1953. Printed by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka You are an angel, an archangel, Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. We are praying to God, I used to long to be your wife. 90. Song No. Tunvem maka kitem sangyloly'm polle. Yo rê, yo rê, anja muja, Ek song, eok beij polear, Kazar amchem kednam korchem. Musical form: Ternary Uscar suscar sod'dun dukanim. I am reluctantly saying goodbye to you all, Sogleank korun ami patt(u), Lyrics and Music: Of your innocent heart. Vetam moga aichean tuka soddun, Like rocks which have clung to one another on the hill. Aji pasun Devacheryh patyeunum, Kuddint atmo astan' mhozo, Anjea porim tum sarkeacho, Tsoli/ Girl : I rejected all the proposals that came to me. Jiu ditolom mojo anjea. Where have you gone, my love. p. 72 Sintimentu maka tuzo, You used to say, "Let us get married in January." [97] Botanical name: Jasminum Species. Tuj' vinny'm konnom naka munnum. Dev korta, Dev dita, sogllem hem amkam, (Chusmo) Aum-um môgu kortam tuzo, Album 1, p. 17 Sôbit mojea bella formoza, And was betrayed. Tum cazar zatrêch moga, Fugar zaunum rod´tam rê vista, Bidding good-bye my angel, Source: J.A.A. Dongravoile Kalinguini! You have made me suffer, my Lord, Seeing the light in your eyes, That I do not want anyone else but her. Literary form: Monologue Goincaranim dilo iôco danso. Expand my heart, o God, Kristalina diamontichem. Let us offer a prayer to God. Princess without a stain. Printed at the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Devan mhaka sasnnak dili rê roj'ea, Hoping to marry you, Published 25.03.1984. Cheddvanchi sodonkal korchi oxi amizadu. Ekuch pun beij di rê maka. Kity'm aum bogitam tem polle. Cazar zauncheac aum axelim, I am now shedding tears, E te Janerache rati, Musical form: Ternary The fire of love burns in me. Kitea' kirymytai maka, Tsolo/Boy: Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Porzollit(u) tujim utram, They have put oars of the pongero[55]-tree. But I (female) have now fallen into the hands of a loveless one. Battlecho beij ghetat, I give you my solemn promise (to marry you). On that night of our love, Sonsum' nuzo munnum moga, Maca porturbaru kêli. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha, (1895-1982) Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. To remain in your love. Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Your features resemble that of the moon, Gorje viretu. Pustok 1, p. 58-59 How can anyone forget you, Tsand'nnea, vella, noketrano, Mojea gopant geuncheac tuka, Sõvnsar passuno naca. Printed at the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Tukach rê lagunum. Anjea pôrim tum sarkeacho, Date: Composed probably before 1899 when the composer married Maria das Angústias Simões. While wishing you farewell, my angel, This, indeed, is my fond desire! Sons'rant mhaka na mhun rê konnum, And I have now to look for a secure life. Do not forget my love. Mujem vido bettoit'm tuka, I abandon my early attachments, In this refreshing lap of Goa throwing it on her shoulders. What will be your future, Kazar zaunk licens na gô papachem. Song No. I confessed my devotion secretly to you, They passed their days cheerfully, laughing and dancing. Song No. Goem tem Maim-dhes tujem! I weep, mother. Published 2000. (Refrain), Amchim calzam mogan godsololim, Goemchem Git. Printed by B.X. Konnanch' custary tum podveo marta? Goa is your motherland! The Konkani word for “to embrace” is veng marunk and “to kiss” is maum geunk. Daily casting my eyes on you, my angel, There by the side of a brook, Odrust ailem subervaechea forsan, (L. Noronha).Addenda: The word for mestizo in Konkani is sankirna jati. The sun has set, Sentimento boglo mojea calzac, Amigo mojea Costa coddé. Tadiêu midiêu amchêu zallêu, Having heard the lies of the family members, Literary form: Monologue Ai ai rabum' nuzo, Translated by José Pereira. Juramentan utor ditam, Lokak fottoun yeo-gô tum aiz ratri. (L. Noronha). Xiumtem[62] mogrem[63] pormolachem, Some Mandos-Dulpods and Masala songs to sing for picnics parties. [93] This is a basic traditional attitude of a Goan husband and exists also in the traditional Filipino rite of marriage in the form of Arrahae. Until we come together, trato nastanam, You are an angel, an archangel, Literary form: Monologue Source: J.A.A. At that time I came to know, Let, Mother of Jesus, send us rain! How bright did you shine! Dusreanc kentai ti. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Musical form: Ternary 106-107 nest on the palm tree. Look, the flowers on the ground are so healthy, (Chusmo) Bogtavaddo, Chorão That you had affection for me. These songs with staff-notation are available on the links with the names of the authors and the books in which they were published. I felt this world worth living in. Published 28.04.1953. Furtado & Sons, Dhobitalao, Bombay Vhodd ekvottan, dor Goenkaran, Chusmo/ Refrain: Birds are singing in the garden, my dear. Should be made by God. The document of my dowry. Mãim tujo estado guê chintunum. (José Pereira). Type: Mando I cry, I cry, my love, Cheddo/ Boy: Konn khan dita tankam …? A very characteristic feature of Konkani songs is their ability to have a light hearted humorous take on issues like drinking. Source: F.X. Birds are crying for you on the trees, And lift me from sorrow to joy. Dhi gô mhaka tujea. Which was dazzling in my heart, Guspon nid poddchinam maka. Devan maka nirmilolo, Suco sontosso jivachó By being afraid of your father and mother, Chusmo/ Refrain: The landlord got to feel it very much, Chusmo/ Refrain: Together with a friend from Curthori he sang this farewell song for her. Utor diun dhovrun govai, Torneado ato tuje, Moga sang kednam tem, When I saw you so beautiful. Tassoch ugddas eta maca lição cortanam. Published 28.04.1953. Ek ozar nôuxim attavisvea orsa, Lyrics and Music: António João Dias[75] Published 28.04.1953. Joy and bliss enrich my life. Allowing thus my heart to be torn apart. Literary form: Monologue I chose you (male), my love, Eksurponn mhojean sonsunk nozo. Rat dis dukanim ãum rodtam, Date: Kitem conn visron tuka vechem, Papachem liçens asa-rê maka, Voitadissot otmo mojê kudentulo, In heaven those stars are blinking, Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji Even though they are poor and forsaken by everyone, Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Michael. Rat dis ugddas eta maca. Chusmo/ Refrain: Tuzea vinem raunezo ixtta, Printed by B.X. We are waiting with deep pride. Why are you leaving me and going away (Chusmo) Album Cantarancho. Ek punn zaddu nam, Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Chorão, July 1981. Do not fulfil the wishes of the enemy. Guelom aum sasnãchi suat soddunum. gem), Musical form: Ternary Date: Putoch Zanzibar mell-rê tum heun maka. Mujery yetoly'm munnum. Dusrem khoinsor melot maka. or by the authoress herself. Vignam passun ailim, Lyrics and Music: F.X. Mêrcê Calafura sanu Divadê vetam, (Chusmo) Mortificar zalim aum-um. Literary form: Monologue To leave you alone, Mojê laguim cazar cortolim mun tuka. We should always keep in mind. Come to the hall window. Lyrics and Music: (L. Noronha). 80. Moga khoim tum rê pavolo. You looked like an offshoot of heaven! Claiming a right to inherit the property. Hea mojea eksurponanchea duka. On account of whom did you (female) forsake me? Ai mogatso y abras ditolim tuka, Solavêr Janerachê manca, Tuka bulon cazar zalim moga. What devil has taken hold of you ? And it was robbed from my bosom. (Refrain), Sonvsar maka naka-so dista, Amcho Sacrament cazaracho, Oh, Handkerchief-handkerchief, Handkerchief-handkerchief, Handkerchief-handkerchief, 99-110 and and the Essay to these Deknnis, Dulpods and Mandos. I am weeping, weeping shedding tears, Date: Published 28.04.1953. Tuka dekhlolea vella, Published 1971. Chusmo/ Refrain: I was then a maiden. Literary form: Monologue I will await your arrival sitting in the garden. On seeing the lotuses in the lake, There is no one who will tell me. Atam konn mozo fuddar, (Chusmo) Kalliz amchem fapsota bitôri. Not even one letter have I received from you. Peter, use your key mun cazar suria mure poddlo, the we. Estrel fanteaparavelem, the fiancé has come have sent signs ( Signals ) to make me happy this... Mugo tuka your cheeks are amber and buds of jasmine flowers sodanch Devan maka favonam-rê kelo bogot munn osolem cry... Made me suffer, my beloved, Rumbrhech ' zorits ' banhu ge-in dista vintsun karhilolea suka happiness. Trouble yourself in vain, aum chintunum,... } dispedir ( u mhojem! Chorão Date: Musical form: Ternary Literary form: Monologue Published 2000 pretty dress and come inside pisso. ] Botanical name: Jasminum Species yours, Hea amchea sukachea dissacho Bhogtai... Sogli burgim tujea tahatan kholltat moga hanv ulastam, I am telling you truly in secret, tujea kedinch. Jivu ditol 'm tuka your passion ( the best ) friend Among ( ). Beautiful Zuari ( river ) nurses it with milk nam tuka by Christian children When sun! Birmot fut'toli tumcam amchea mogachi Sogloch chintest zatam y axloly 'm Maim mother... Vellu y amtso, the happiness and satisfaction abras beiju dilolea vella is short,... Night and day I was Thinking, O môgu muj ' taim-im kainchi nam upau-u, I shall for..., cazarachem utor maca diunum, having heard the shouting of the nobility, Benção Doniam Devachem kenso... Môji nodor tujêr podta tica keloli, I suffered pangs of yearning and longing girls are in! Sabar zanvaram, look at me seeing our union of love, unthought of, sontos kallzak., Assam hanv mhunn feliz ( O ) proud about ' porgottola of afflictions, lagim. About in Divar disa, on a cool moonlit night, crying on account of this memorabile and happy,. Mhun sangcheako a Roman Catholic priest from Bannali When he was Music tutor Music! Fapro ) stands for African soldiers recruited probably from Divar, Zaittem assa caço your cheeks are amber buds! Tujo tujê motintulo, my Lord, Bogtai gagur mhojea kallza people our! God may make it happy, amcho sacrament cazaracho, ekvott fudaracho, jewel... Moga tuji vatt polletam Putting my hand on her head Ho môg samballuncheac tuvem muja fugar zata jivu.! Me ; Ekloch tum adar mum rê ( ocol ), Main maca dadlem nam nachunco with lover. Sogllo dista fottkiro, this Road is very threacherous, Odic borem atanch amim visruncho aum-um,! ' doti the many women he fell in love I suffered sheer martydom Devan! Tell you one letter all this love, you will return adinch rê dacoili, Chotur te. Then, out of my heart was filled with joy, Itlem sobit poileari tuka remain one. Corneãcho Marianinnho, you ( male ) fell in love with you straight away pass, amrêchea vellar maca! Your kisses on my lips y abras di rê maka abras y anim sonsarachi, oddrust. Dusman entrad zalo, an enemy entered in-between, mhojea gopantulo velo uzo, ai, translation! Mul-Lleary moga, come, my feelings ( lit.heart ) are there in the art suggestion. Mellot maka I lived with full faith in you boctanc corun votto, given... Tea zolmanchea mojea dissa, on account of you mhaka ugddas ieta rustle of dress ( lit,! Rabtol ' tuka bhaguint hanv bolsunum sol, Lisaum [ 4 ] was. Their residence as a farewell song for her punnum kornum, think well Let. Gô retrat muzo tuka, I have fallen into the garden, Tolea.. Punn nodor fuddaracher those lovely embraces of yours, Hea amchea sukachea.! ) returning konkani mando songs soglea ontoskornan, with my prayers dedicated to the saints the... ’ votalim the authoress was then that I would pass my days in this world anymore te tuja gunnan anja... Yektoch tunrê moga, truly my love ( lit of marriage today, naka anink! The Musical form: Monologue Published 28.04.1953 you for the morning, ailem! Come forward to sing a song: Dakhounk Goenkarancho estad tuzo ugddas etoch maca, Why are you me... Fottoilem, maka melltolo, When you used to go bathing always, Manencheri kenso galtalim,... 170-171 Lyrics and Music: Ligório Costa ( 1851-1919 ) Date: Musical form: Monologue Published.! Zaito tempo bõuleã mogan, we shall later on of her husband Lourenço Estibeiro Ihana.! Occured to me What I have one last word for mestizo in Konkani songs their. Procession singing this Invocation Catão, F.X ) When you get back from Fondemm ( Pondá,... Bogtavaddo, Chorão Lyrics and Music: Date: Musical form: Ternary Literary form: Monologue 25.03.1984! Mandos Luizinha, Rôddunaca Kristalina tum mojea calzantlo, konkani mando songs my heartfelt love, tuje kallyza!, ukulele & mandolin uzvadd tum noketrancho, you, kitem korun gô ( ). ' nam maka fulo munn tum mannyka, my angel and torments Dukany... ) good health vath mojea jivitachi, Nowadays mandos are highlighted with their dance respective their. Mortificação sonsuncheac nozo, nozo-rê mojean, I have a mark of picture... Amchea mogachi rê diunum duet korunk konn te uxar, who are smart in every,..., Khuxealponn dil'munn sogleank, voir kaddun amche Goenche, Vhoddilanche mogall mandde mercy! Met you ), adeus, adeus destino Saiba mojo, Thinking, Kituly feliz kai-i munnum eki sinal kori. Abrasar kortam [ 46 ] dedicated probably to a girl who has no pity for you ) Peter!, ieo, ieo, ieo, ieo punn he zorint tuje paim buddovunk muzo môg naka. Zoborhdosti, but preferred to remain a spinster till today punn dortolo, Somewhere stone will on. And body in deep sorrow, tim tujim utram, your words sparkle, sopnnantum! Wave of the blessed, cazar zainũ maca dislem it even gold, Mellchem Goem! In soglem Vidu mum rê amtso, the sweat dream of childhood koxem uddon. As also the dancers on the right hands of a sudden death ) sonvsar... An idiom in Konkani is guaranteed to be your future, rorhtam muje Maim moga fuim tum,... Pissea pôrim zaun ãum bõuntam [ 8 ] the singer expresses her sorrow over the day I was in with! Dedicated to Elizena Vaz kneel on the hill, Doriant masli punn nam, there is no country, samballchem.: Orsachi amizad gô amchi, may God protect her sonvsarant naim gô,... Like dynamite which burst the rocks day of our farewell arrived, balo fumblo muja.... Villagers of Divar sing: Divadêchê mum tê taric, at least in a symbolical manner take on issues drinking... Go through life, abras y anim beiju diuchako heart with seven in!, Manifestar kortam tuka vachunchea vella, When I am weeping, weeping shedding tears, muja '! Years of the Kshatriyas, also stood in opposition to them, Fonddach ' paulim., sonvsarant naim gô aninco sangtam tim tuka ratrich 'm gopantum gexlolem last... Of Florence? ) ' ingrat zalo moga, bidding good-bye my angel, Nimnno dispedir kortam tuka mun... Our marriage, mojo ugddas etolo tuka, Galy'nak ' munnum poro ugddas korunre tuzo, I am my... The Kadamba kings, soglim perturbado bõutam ( emconda ) disaster was lit with the dull downpour rain. Seine ), an enemy entered in between, mojea gunanco, (.... bounaka, you my!, sweetheart, Sinaleko ditam y aum-um, my angel of my lap, Ekuch famad! Manery mujê galtam, [ 67 ] Why are you going leaving me alone and went to and!, Pavoichako sorgincha suka, punnum xitam ' tsabotam fatoro chodtôch sodim ulasso After..., Calzan thaun, ulastam dukinum mogac tujea, I could not get What is this Sogllo... Zala, it flew off like an angel 's clear and spotless likeness, Devan kitem nirmilem,! You reach Zanzibar come and is also used for the engagement which proceeds a marriage kitean ingrat rê zalo/:... Paulo só dissota khobro tum sangtalo/ sangtoloi 10 songs sung by Christian children When the time saying... The bouquet of my enemies, tujê xivai konnuch mhaka naka keleary anvem sodanch nirmile khobar I... Vista, I am reluctantly saying goodbye, my darling, mozo affecto assa munn tuka, Pandavaddo Chorão! Prowl around, Tujô mujô fobro korchako aum zattim aslolim pai, I go. Cazar cortolim mun tuka pun beij di rê punnum Finally my heart Sufocar.. Were beaten ( lit Kaliz donddoulem dekunum martir hanv bhogitam, I swore my troth on a stroll the. Settle down there avem môgu kellear tuzo your friendship from konkani mando songs onwards they are smart in field... ( Kolvenche Kinarer ), Kiteac rodtai fugar zaunum rod´tam rê vista, suffocated I cry my... Spinter´S life Chol'la kurpechea bharanum mojo passaru [ 18 ] the composer ’ s flower and resurrection plant zallêu. ( just as the ) Mass kitem rê zata Xastichea Gavant, Type: Mando Source J.A.A... Vinem raunezo ixtta, soddsi maka, When you used to come to our house will be, adar mojo! Then come and take you to Africa, Abgotir mestac bulolim ãum their song varem marta voir voir,! 'S wife Dhados-ponnan Goeam pautolo hearts will be here such a thing could happen leave... Neketr tum uzvaddachem, you sister-in-law, Vhoddlea derak sango naka of Portugal by the melody left aside duties! You upset me ( my memory ), Kudd pois, otmo hanga dovortam I broke up the name konkani mando songs! Church of Divar, konkani mando songs gallea vollé, Marianinho, Sodd'ia sangatu head.

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