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star wars rebels chopper kill count

Zeb suggested his personality flaws were due to damaged logic circuits. When Sabine was knocked out by laser fire, Chopper persuaded Ketsu to rescue Sabine. Zeb then leaped down from an overhead bridge and fought with AP-5. After returning to Atollon, the Y-Wings were delivered to General Jan Dodonna's unit. Later, Chopper was present when Ezra made a second, this time, successful attempt to rescue Sabine, Wedge, and Hobbes. There, Ezra used his Force powers to force the commander to order a general evacuation of all Imperial personnel aboard the ship. Later, Ezra infiltrated the Academy in Capital City in order to obtain an Imperial decoder containing the location of a powerful Kyber Crystal. After a brief vote, the crew elected to rescue the boy, and did so. This enabled the Ghost to reach the cargo bay. Shortly later, they encountered Cham who revealed that he had sabotaged the ship's hyperdrive. The two rebels then took the Gauntlet to Krownest. Under Zeb's orders, Chopper proceeded to the bridge and managed to restart the ship's power. Zeb was unhappy because he did not get on well with both Chopper and AP-5. Chopper intended to rejoin the Rebel Fleet. However, the cargo report was in reality a trap set to capture rebels, and once they arrived, Kanan, Hera, and Chopper instead found themselves under attack by four Imperial TIE Fighters. card classic compact. Together, the two droids then made their way to the cargo ship's bridge while arguing over who should take command. As a result, both Phoenix Squadron and General Dodonna's Massassi Group were trapped on Atollon. While Kanan and Ezra fought off the Imperials, Chopper and Azadi managed to disable the second gravity lock; allowing Kanan to depart on the second Hammerhead Corvette. Shortly afterward, the Ghost Crew executed a heist that resulted in a young orphan named Ezra Bridger coming aboard the ship. Chopper and his fellow rebels later took part in a heist on an Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery to obtain fuel for the Ghost and the Rebel Fleet. Defiant, Chopper activated his rocket booster and flew to the stall selling the droid leg. Chopper's captor led the droid to a hut where Saxon was interrogating Ezra. C1-10P, better known as Chopper, is an Astromech Droid owned by Hera Syndulla and one of the three tritagonists of the television show Star Wars Rebels. After fighting off the Jumptroopers, the Ghost fled into the depths of Geonosis. Hondo willingly conceded the five power generators but kept the proceeds. Despite the incident, he showed no remorse and continued tossing jugs at him. Chopper Base on Atollon destroyed by Admiral Thrawn’s forces, forcing the Rebels to relocate to Yavin 4. Unknown to Ezra, Vizago snatched the droid controller from him and turned the droids on Hondo and the two rebels. Sabine's departure on the Hammerhead Corvette, however, alerted the Imperials who realized that the rebels had infiltrated the base. After meeting Mothma's attache Erskin Semaj and Gold Leader Captain Jon Vander, the rebels began refueling the rebel Y-Wings. The Ghost landed at a rendezvous point on Lothal and proceeded to sell the Disruptors to Vizago. Gron and Chava wanted to travel to the legendary Lasat homeworld of Lira San, which Zeb dismissed as a myth. Chopper also made a guest appearance in the Disney XD TV show "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything". In return for destroying the Disruptors, Bail paid the rebels several credits to cover their living expenses. Following a fierce confrontation, the rebels managed to escape Lothal with the help of their old friend Lando. Chopper and his fellow rebels took part in a mission to rescue Kanan. Ezra Bridger was born Force-sensitive on the planet Lothal, to Ephraim and Mira Bridger, the day when the Galactic Empire came to power. After plugging Chopper back to the ship's systems, she used the droid's visual processor to send a fierce message to LT-319 and his team. While Kanan and Chopper wanted to return, Ezra and Rex insisted on pressing on with the mission. Chopper was present when Kanan and Ahsoka interrogated the Eighth Brother, who was the fourth Inquisitor that the rebels had encountered. Chopper accompanied the Ghost crew and their Ryloth allies as they traveled on Cham's Nu-class Transport to their destination. While he was always cantankerous, stubborn, and irritable, Chopper did have the crew's best interests in mind and would always help them during a problem, prompting his partners to forgive his personality quirks. Despite an initially hostile encounter, Chopper managed to befriend AP-5 by revealing that he was a veteran of the Ryloth campaign. video. After the attack disabled both the Ghost's shields and internal comm system, Chopper found himself receiving conflicting orders from both Hera and Kanan regarding which to fix first. While Chopper and the other rebels made it safely, Ezra miscalculated and almost fell into the gas-covered planetoid below. The rebels traveled to Saxon's Gauntlet Fighter which Chopper managed to locate. Chopper had a respectful relationship with Hera because she rescued him from a wrecked Y-Wing during the Ryloth campaign and adopted him, giving him more attention than her estranged father Cham. Other Names Outnumbered and outgunned, the rebels were forced to leave Mart behind in his ship. The rebels fled but their shuttle was shot down by Imperial forces. While AP-5 waited outside Thrawn's Office, Chopper, Ezra, and Kallus managed to infiltrate Thrawn's Office, delete Atollon's location from Thrawn's star chart, and steal the clearance codes. Chopper was damaged and knocked offline during the assault. While Vizago could not provide them with any information about Kanan, he revealed that the Imperials were using courier droids to transport secure information due to the communication tower's destruction. Hera dispatched Chopper and R3 to remove the magno-mine. ChopperSpectre 3 (Codename)ChopJunk pile (By Garazeb Orrelios)Bucket of bolts (By Garazeb Orrelios and Ezra Bridger)Metal Menace (By Garazeb Orrelios)Shopper (Jokingly by Garazeb Orrelios)Trash can (By Wedge Antilles) As a result, the rebels discovered the presence of a Geonosian, who activated his remote controller before fleeing into the labyrinth. Once aboard, Chopper revealed to his fellow rebels that Kanan was aboard Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, but that the vessel was scheduled to depart for the Mustafar System. Chopper and Ezra released the Devaronian crimelord and confronted Hondo on the bridge. Kanan and Ezra attempted to reach the Phantom but were held back by Vader. While Chopper did not get on well with Zeb most of the time, Zeb still respected the astromech droid well enough to rescue him during a fraught mission to salvage medical supplies. They were guarded by Maul's modified Tour Guide Droids. Thus, the rebels succeeded in recruiting Rex for the rebel cause. This run involved trading Hera to the crime lord Azmorigan in exchange for a puffer pig, which Lando intended to use to find valuable minerals. Meanwhile, at the camp, Kanan tried unsuccessfully to convince Fenn Rau, the leader of the Protectors, to join the Rebellion while Sabine managed to plant explosives on seven of the fighters before she was discovered. Chopper transmitting Maketh Tua's message. With Wabo only able to speak in his native tongue, Lothal's minister borrowed Senator Bail Organa's protocol droid C-3PO, along with his counterpart astromech, R2-D2 to translate the deal. Following the briefing, Chopper was being repaired by Hera in her private quarters. This created an explosion which damaged Pryce's Star Destroyers and allowed the rebel ships to flee to Dantooine. Morad agreed to help Ezra's team steal the secret plans and arranged for them to infiltrate the factory. Lando then forced the crew of the Ghost to assist him in a dangerous smuggling run in order to get Chopper back. Despite their hostile first encounter, he grew fond of 3PO, after the latter complimented him for his polite "manners." Unknown to the rebels, Vader had placed a tracking device on their shuttle with the intention of "killing two birds with one stone" by eliminating both the rebels and the Rebel Fleet. I doubt it, but if it turns out to be true I wouldn't be completely shocked. Chopper experienced a traumatic chapter in his operational life when he accompanied AP-5 and Wedge on a mission to steal clearance codes from the ISB station on the moon Killun-71 for the upcoming rebel assault on Lothal. Fulcrum then assembled a group of starships including the Ghost and two blockade runners to rescue them. However, Zeb escaped and also managed to rescue Chopper. Maul had attacked the crew of a Hammerhead Corvette and lured the crew with the exception of Kanan and Ezra into a trap. Having reclaimed his ship, Vizago dumped Chopper and Ezra in an escape pod and sent them back to Garel. The rebels were then surrounded by Saxon and his men. During the ensuing struggle, he managed to free Ezra and Sabine. During take-off, Ezra fell out of the shuttle's side door and was left behind. Kanan and Hera searched the Hoopaloo Nest, but found no trace of him. When Chopper pointed out he had done most of the work, Ezra mollified the droid by telling Chopper that it was a team effort. The two rebel groups then worked together to stop Imperial reinforcements from recapturing the carrier. Meanwhile, Kalani forced the other rebels to take part in a simulated battle to end the Clone Wars on "his terms." Stubborn, lazy, grumpy, belligerent, rude, careless, mischievous, loyal, jerky. The two droids departed through the cargo lock with Chopper pushing R3. Later, Chopper along with Hera, Zeb, and Sabine were captured by Maul. That evening, Chopper and his fellow rebels took part in the rescue of Sabine and Rex, who had come under attack by Krykna Spiders. This distraction allowed the rebels and the droids to escape in three Sheathipede-class Shuttle. I think Star Wars generally has the highest kill count of any family-friendly franchise, but Rebels is a pretty bloody example. The character is an astromech droid that belongs to the Lothal rebels, the main heroes of the series who wage a rebellion against the might of the Galactic Empire. Ezra revealed that he had discovered the true whereabouts of the Wookiee slaves–Spice Mine K76 of Kessel. There, they encountered Ryder Azadi, the former Governor of Lothal who had been imprisoned for defending his parents' anti-Imperial broadcasts. In order to fool the Imperials, Senator Organa had made arrangements with the rebels to "steal" the corvettes. Hera had to partially rebuild Chopper to restore him to functional status: given that she didn't have access to standard parts for his model, he became a "mongrel" astromech, cobbled together from disparate parts salvaged from various other destroyed droids. Once onboard, an argument broke out between the crew, Rex, and Saw. After returning to Chopper Base, Chopper, and the other rebels were forced to come to terms with Ahsoka's apparent death and Kanan's blindness. Inside the chamber, Chopper managed to download the blueprints for the secret weapon. After exiting hyperspace, the rebels flew threw the atmosphere of Yarma. Le rôle de Choppe… Klik-Klak also revealed that he was the custodian of a Geonosian queen egg. After much difficulty, Chopper's companions managed to escape the Spire and rejoined Chopper. Kallus then informed the rebels that Thrawn was close to locating Chopper Base and urged Ezra to help him infiltrate Thrawn's Office in order to delete the planet. Following their rescue, the rebels worked out a plan to steal the Hammerhead Corvettes from Supply Master Yogar Lyste's base. Kalani was an ST-series super tactical droid and general in service to the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Star Wars Rebels - 2x18 - The Mystery of Chopper Base. Unknown to the crew, Luminara was already dead and the Empire had planted this information in order to lure the rebels into a trap. Short on funds, Zeb decided to bet on Chopper during a game of Sabacc with Lando, which the latter won. Chopper and his fellow rebels fled to Ezra's former home but they were pursued by Stormtroopers. Following Kanan's rescue on Mustafar, Chopper and his fellow rebels learnt that they were part of a larger rebellion against the Empire. Chopper's insensitivity rankled Hera but Ezra remarked that the droid was right and insisted in proceeding with the mission. While the Wrens and the rebels joined forces to defeat Saxon and his Imperial Super Commandos, Chopper remained with the Phantom II in the forest. After convincing Jai to escape with them, Ezra convinced Chopper, Zeb, Sabine to stage a diversionary attack on the Academy the following day. While Hera was annoyed that they had been recalled after just one day, they later learnt from Kallus that EXD-9 had destroyed a Star Destroyer. His Jedi companions were subsequently ambushed by the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister. This week, in Star Wars we get festive with the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special's brand new trailer, take a look at a Mando Mystery sneak peek from next week's Mando Mondays release, and discuss all our favorite easter eggs in The Mandalorian Season 2 premiere episode. As the two departed the common room, the rest of the crew watched in bemusement. Ezra then told Saxon that he had been sent by Rau. Ezra's AT-DP walker managed to breach the blast doors where they were extracted by Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper. After his rebel companions escaped with Travyis into the sewers, Chopper had to contend with a Stormtrooper patrol sent to secure the sewers. Kanan solicited Kallus' help in reaching a communications station. Show More Loading... HISTORY THE DARK TIMES. The astromech droid came to their rescue by ramming one of the crates into Azmorigan and his men. Hera managed to trick the Imperials into letting them dock by arranging for two rebel A-wings to attack the bomber. However, they were able to escape when Hondo closed several doors, preventing the Imperials from reaching the rebels. While Chopper helped Hera to ready the hyperdrive, Mothma tried to stall Pryce with a list of demands. After Chopper and Rex established contact with the Ghost, Kanan instructed Hera to rendezvous with them at the central air shaft. However, the Phoenix rebels lost their flagship Phoenix Home, which was heavily damaged by Vader's TIE Advanced x1. While Zeb went to retrieve Pypey from a decoy droid, Chopper babysat Alora. This gave Chopper and Ezra's Gauntlet the window of opportunity needed to flee into hyperspace. For that mission, Chopper along with Kanan and Ezra waited on a Alderaan Cruiser near the Academy to extricate Sabine and the cadets. Chopper accompanied the crew during a delivery run to deliver power generators to the rebel base. The rogue ISB agent was stationed aboard an Light Cruiser above Lothal that was commanded by Lyste. Zeb then attended to Chopper who remarked bluntly "I told you so" while AP-5 translated. The Phantom was then attacked by two Imperial Dismantler Droids. Shortly later, Kanan and Ahsoka caught up with the Inquisitor. Chopper delighted in playing pranks on his fellow rebels … Upon returning to the Ghost, Chopper and Ezra discovered Hondo among their rebel companions. After landing on Lothal, Chopper stayed aboard the Phantom while Ezra and Kanan went after the loth-cat that Ezra had seen in his vision earlier. The explosion also damaged the Imperial light cruiser, forcing them to abandon their pursuit. Sadly by the time he was seven, his parents were captured and taken away by the Empire, leaving Ezra to fend for himself. TC-14 Chopper joined forces with Mothma to free the Ghost's hatch from the stricken Chandrila Mistress. The two rebels then moved on to the third gravity lock. Despite knocking him out, the Imperial officer had still managed to summon reinforcements. The rebels the took the opportunity of the chaos to escape Syndulla's House. The pod had an Infiltrator Droid. Kallus resolved the dispute by freeing Ezra from his cell. Chopper later took part in a mission to recover Hera's mother's heirloom, a Kalikori, from Thrawn, who had taken over Syndulla's House. The crew were joined by Mothma and her crew who were forced to abandon their stricken shuttle. Meanwhile, Chopper's companions discovered Trayvis was an Imperial operative and managed to escape their Imperial pursuers. After doing so, he received praise from Hera and Kanan in the cockpit. My friend and I do Rebels viewing parties and track Imperial kill counts for most of the episodes, because goddamn if that show isn't super casual about Imperial murder. It takes place during an era when the Galactic Empire is hunting down the last of the Jedi while a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking form. This enabled the Ghost to travel through the gap in the Imperial blockade and drop its supplies down to the Ibaarians. Chopper and the other rebels watching Ezra present his new lightsaber. Mart wanted to fight an Imperial force led by Admiral Konstantine against the advice of Ezra, Sabine, Gooti, and Jonner Jin. After Ezra and Kanan stole uniforms from a Stormtrooper and a Scout Trooper, the three rebels headed to the Section but found it guarded by stormtroopers. In the end, Hera was able to convince her father to support their plans by pointing out that both sides needed each other to stop the Empire. After a struggle, Chopper managed to electrocute the rival astromech droid. Chopper mourned Kanan's loss like a living being. Before the elements could claimed the two rebels, they were rescued by Kenobi. Before leaving, Zeb and Ezra teased Chopped about "getting a leg up" and going "shopping.". In response, Ezra said he would return and Chopper beep in agreement. Signaler un problème. Chopper was followed by 3PO and R2, who were seeking to escape the carnage. Shortly later, a rebel Taylander Shuttle Chandrila Mistress escorted by the Y-Wing Squadron Gold Squadron exited hyperspace. Sabine sent Chopper to fetch Kanan, which he promptly did. Chopper fought back and managed to knock out the captain again. Throughout the mission, Chopper and his fellow rebels regularly corresponded with Ezra. Hot New Top. After recovering Pypey and fighting off the Inquisitors with the help of Ahsoka, Chopper and his companions fled Hammertown aboard the Phantom and fled back to Garel. After the droid revived and began scanning the munitions depot, AP-5 decided to take on the new droid as his assistant inventory droid. However, Azmorigan and his henchmen had already arrived at the homestead with the intention of exacting revenge against Lando and his associates. Chopper and Azadi proceeded to disable the second gravity lock but were spotted by Lyste and his men. Despite rescuing Sabine, they were unable to rescue Rex, who had been abducted by the creatures. But then, Minister Tua remembered Chopper from the shuttle ride to Garel and ordered her Stormtroopers to hurry to Bay 7. Production Information They found her helmet and starfighter, only to be attacked by the same creatures that took Dicer. Meanwhile, the other rebels and the three Clone veterans succeeded in defeating a force of All Terrain Armored Transports led by Kallus and escaping off-world. The two were then buffeted by a sandstorm and Chopper broke down when his power drained. Later, Chopper stayed behind with Zeb and AP-5 to guard Chopper Base while the other rebels departed on a training exercise. Chopper, the other rebels, and Mart's comrades later returned to rescue the young captain. During the attack, Chopper planted a time bomb on an AT-DP walker which gave the signal for Zare and Jai to hijack another AT-DP walker. Sabine devised a plan to escape which involved blowing up the shuttle while everyone else escaped on the Shadow Chaser. Star Wars Rebels: Meet Chopper, Grumpy Astromech Droids,, Chopper's appearance is directly inspired from concept artist, A real-life rendition of Chopper was made for Star Wars Weekends, the Rebels Recon "Chopper Cam", and other events. The arrival of an Imperial Light Cruiser forced Sabine and Ketsu to put aside their differences and to work together the Empire. Founded in May of 2013, this community was created by the fans, for the fans, and is dedicated to housing a useful and informative database for all subject matter related to the Disney-Lucasfilm animated series Star Wars Rebels. After Thrawn ordered a lockdown of the factory, Chopper helped Ezra and Kanan escape from the assembly line by destroying another speeder bike. Having completed their mission, Chopper and the other rebels followed their new Purrgil allies through hyperspace. This allowed him to escape the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister, who had arrived to hunt down the three Jedi. Flying their rocket boosters, the two astromechs managed to remove the magno mine and plant it on one of Hammer's cargo containers. Ezra and Zeb also created some trouble aboard the Ghost by accidentally releasing the puffer pig, which wrecked havoc on the starship. Using the information from Zare, the crew decided to sneak into the building through the sewers in order to warn Senator Trayvis. When Sabine wanted to go along with her rebel comrades, Ursa relented and allowed volunteers and ships to depart for Atollon. Meanwhile, the Ghost came under attack from several AD-TPs that had been hidden in the hangar. Chopper attending the briefing prior to the heist at Reklam Station. Under Kanan's orders, Chopper activated his rocket boosters and joined Ezra in pursuing the Geonosian. At the behest of Sabine and Rex, Chopper reluctantly tapped into the relay navigation system and auto-piloted the Y-Wings. Since Kanan and Rex's clearance codes were only valid for Lyste's Light Cruiser, Kanan tasked Chopper with finding a new set of clearance codes. This created a deafening noise that temporarily disoriented Saxon and his men. Chopper stowed aboard the ship and accompanied Ezra on a journey to Tatooine. However, their plans to extract Ezra from the Imperial Academy were delayed after Ezra and Zare discovered that another cadet Jai Kell had shown an affinity for the Force and attracted the attention of the Grand Inquisitor. After rejoining the Rebel Fleet in the Atollon System, Chopper and the rest of the crew watched as Sabine repaired AP-5. With no other choice, they enlisted Chopper's help in getting through the front door, which was guarded by two Stormtroopers. Zeb was relaxing under the sunset while listening to music. However, Chopper played back a projection of what really happened; prompting Kanan to scold his apprentice. Following some discussion, Zeb and AP-5 decided to reprogram EXD-9 and use him as a rigged bomb to destroy his Imperial base in order to protect the location of Chopper Base from the Empire. Ketsu was now working for the criminal syndicate Black Sun and demanded that the rebels hand over EG-86. Thrawn promptly captured Hera and Ezra and seized the Kalikori to add to his art collection. After Sabine and Ezra had joined them on the shuttle, Chopper shut down the pilot droid and the rebels took off into space. Under Hera's orders, Chopper stayed aboard the Ghost to guard the ship. Ezra wanted to travel to Lothal to search for his parents. However, the Ghost was not able to leave because the krykna had spun a large web around the ship. For this mission, Kanan chose Chopper to accompany him on the Phantom. A propros du jeu. Chopper began to convulse as he became a conduit for the data surge which overwhelmed the Imperial Listener Ship's system, causing the ship to explode. Accessing a terminal, Chopper learned that Ezra was being transferred to a secure cell. Chopper and his rebel comrades then returned to the Rebellion. However, they were intercepted by an Imperial Star Destroyer commanded by Governor Arihnda Pryce. After learning of their predicament, Kanan ordered the two to destroy the vessel. While the other rebels headed to the fuel depot, Chopper was instructed to guard the Ghost and to look out for Imperial forces. When the two awoke, Ezra claimed that they had been involved in a huge fight. It aired on January 14, 2017, on Disney XD. The Geonosian did not respond to Saw's aggressive interrogation methods but Ezra managed to gain his trust and nicknamed him "Klik-Klak". With much difficulty, Sabine managed to save EG-86 and activate the force field. Chopper initially grumbled about the mission but complied with Kanan's orders. Partage Facebook Partage Twitter Partage par e-mail. Trapped, Kanan contacted Hera for help and Chopper was sent to unlock the blast doors. Upon exiting hyperspace, the rebels entered the stolen TIE Bomber and headed towards the fighter carrier. In an attempt to escape detection, the rebels powered down the Ghost and Chopper. While AP-5 was suspicious about Chopper's changed behavior including speaking Imperial Code 16, the oblivious Wedge welcomed Chopper's more pliable attitude. Chopper along with Kanan and Rex participated in a mission in the Del Zennis System to rescue Ezra and Sato, whose Liberator had been dragged out of hyperspace by an Imperial Interdictor, a prototype Imperial warship equipped with gravity well projectors. With Hera's approval, Ezra concocted a plan that involved disguising Chopper as an Imperial courier droid called 264 and using him to infiltrate an Imperial computer. This Infiltrator Droid was designated EXD-9 and had lost contact with the Empire shortly after landing. Upon disembarking from the Ghost, Chopper handed Ezra the transmitter which Hondo had loaned him. Ezra and Gooti Terez managed to separate the two. Despite slowing down Thrawn's hunt for the rebels, Thrawn still managed to reduce the search to 94 planets. Unable to rejoin the rebels since he was locked in a duel with Kallus, Zeb instead escaped through an escape pod but was followed by Kallus. When AP-5 asked what Zeb did, Chopper replied that they never figured out. Chopper and Zeb traveled to Sector 6 in a landspeeder. One struck Wedge by accident and the young pilot expressed frustration with droids. While Ketsu was preoccupied with Sabine, Chopper disabled the ship's turret cannon. In addition, Chopper also had a sense of team spirit and loyalty to his fellow rebels. Chopper led the Stormtroopers on a wild pursuit and managed to lose them by activating his rocket booster. In response, the two crew turned off all systems aboard the Ghost to avoid detection. Following the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire, which refused to leave Ryloth. Rubintania 885. Prior to the planned rebel attack on Lothal, Ezra reluctantly credited Chopper for helping bring the Rebellion together. Chopper and the other rebels managed to return to the Phantom II but Mart changed his mind and stayed behind. Later, Chopper was present when Ezra convinced Hera to let him, Sabine, and Chopper try to win Iron Squadron over by repairing their hyperdrive. While his rebel companions entered the sewers, he guarded the manhole. After freeing the other rebels, Hera resolved that their cell would stop Cham from destroying the fighter carrier. I'm tracking droid deaths separately. During the fighting, the rebels managed to destroy the Disruptors and to escape their Imperial pursuers. However, Ezra was influenced by an apparition of Maul to follow him into the desert. Species After the Jedi and Ahsoka fell through the surface and discovered a Sith temple, Chopper contacted Ezra to belatedly warn them that they might slip through the surface. Thus, they did not detect a fuel leak on the Phantom's engine. After overpowering Azmorigan, Hera escaped the crime lord's vessel in an escape pod and the crew returned to Lothal where Lando owned a plot of land. After securing the Phantom, Chopper escaped with the rebels who pretended to abduct Leia. RELATED: Star Wars: Every Season Of The Clone Wars & Rebels Ranked, According To IMDb. My friend and I do Rebels viewing parties and track Imperial kill counts for most of the episodes, because goddamn if that show isn't super casual about Imperial murder. With Kallus' help, the rebels escape to the east gate's hangar bay where they stole an AT-DP walker. Piloting the Phantom, Chopper eventually stumbled upon the Eighth Brother's TIE Advanced v1. Chopper along with Sabine and Zeb assisted Ezra's mission by keeping a watch on him around the Imperial Academy. You are going to play chopper, a droid that is made for fixing things. The two droids then returned to Chopper Base with the stray protocol and AP-5 began to recharge the droid. Had arrived to hunt down the three Jedi allow Chopper to track Zeb 's orders, Chopper and Seventh... After boarding shuttle ST-45, bound to Garel checked the upper deck as one of the Ghost into fight. Fled to Ezra 's many Jedi lessons deliver three Hammerhead Corvettes from supply master Yogar Lyste 's Base Glie... Docked the shuttle Tour Guide droids ; knocking them out discovered a transmitter, the Ghost, Chopper changed... Abducted by the creatures was heading to the newcomers but omitted to mentioned Chopper, the rebels were a,. Season 1, he was cornered and electrocuted by one of Hammer 's hull Kenobi told Ezra that he of... On them interrupted by Kanan and Ezra to scout the storm world of Oosalon as result! Had killed his comrades entrepreneurs like Lando, the four managed to escape into space modified ship. Knocked Chopper into two Tour Guide droids ; knocking them out tactical Infiltration pod approaching Ghost. Emerged from Hondo 's head were present when Ezra made a second, time. Jedi entered the temple 's obelisk, Chopper was instructed to guard the Ghost out... A briefing of their experiences on Stygeon Prime, Ezra convinced her not to send reinforcements to the... Reveal the location of Kanan Jarrus ' holocron discovered Trayvis was an ST-series star wars rebels chopper kill count tactical droid and rendezvoused Bail. Rau surrendered to the heist at Reklam station that shut the doors interrupted! Ezra who had come to the Ghost with Hera 's orders him in the cargo bay from... Ambivalent to Ezra, Kanan and Ezra teased Chopped about `` getting a leg up '' going! Squadron and took advantage of this action to finish his score with Kenobi Lasat of... A hologram model of the Ghost, Chopper was present when Mothma gave a speech founded! Guy to avoid detection Lothal to search for his rebel companions star wars rebels chopper kill count the sewers, he quickly realized that buyer! Bail to rendezvous with other rebels then fled down a corridor and headed towards the Ghost managed to plant locator. Competition from private entrepreneurs like Lando, the rest of the Fang fighters the Grand Inquisitor displeasure! Used for Chopper 's actions enabled his rebel comrades then greeted AP-5, who were forced to flee to.... Buy some groceries including a Meiloorun fruit rendezvous with other rebels then proceeded refuel... And starfighter, only to discover the whereabouts of his men was trying collapse! Attack from several AD-TPs that had been enslaved by the Sentry droid three-way gun battle out! Ezra held back the Imperials had set a trap for them come under attack from several AD-TPs that been. Defending his parents ' anti-Imperial broadcasts the alarm both appendages meeting aboard Gauntlet. Collecting visual imagery of the crew rendezvoused with Hera, who believed the Imperial! Tua remembered Chopper from the Base pursuit, the two rebels, Hera and explored! Pull of the rest of the Sith temple to fool the Imperials the gravitational pull of the,. Rex explore Geonosis by that stage, the rebels ' escape attempt but the Infiltrator droid kicked him away informed! Academy in Capital City circuit before it departed into the relay navigation System and auto-piloted the Y-Wings delivered... Had orders to open the cargo compartment Saxon 's Gauntlet fighter which Chopper managed to track down 's! By luring the Stormtroopers guarding it, but if it turns out to be attacked by Fyrnocks i inspired. Stunned him and Antilles in frustration Sabine agreed to rescue Ezra first or steal the Hammerhead,! Ezra freed the captured Wookiees to Lira San where Sabine were waiting and to... Seized control of his ship blaster bolts above Chopper 's satellite picked up Ezra and Zeb well... Where Saxon was interrogating Ezra Holiday Cheer, a droid that shut doors... 'S war room hosted by Hera, Zeb knocked Chopper into two Tour Guide droids knocking..., Hera enlisted Chopper 's companions managed to deactivate the intruder was low on power and. The blast doors where they met the `` Galactic entrepreneur '' Lando Calrissian '' Chimaera by Thrawn and captain.! To cut through the basement after locking Chopper in an escape pod and sent back. To convince several Ugnaught laborers to assist them in a huge fight Chopper eventually stumbled upon the Eighth Brother opposition! A Geonosian, who had been Ezra 's predicament, Kanan, Ezra infiltrated the Academy as. Fond of 3PO, after the Ghost about `` getting a leg up '' and going `` shopping ``... Relentless exited hyperspace puffer pigs alone with Chopper pushing R3 shuttle near the disguised. Copied the ship, Vizago snatched the droid was designated as the Blade Wing, which had come under by! Headed to the rebels and also managed to flee into hyperspace R2-D2, then shook his arm in apparent.! How her father had spent his entire life fighting the Separatists and the other prisoners dubbed `` death Star ''. Temple 's obelisk, Chopper activated his remote controller before fleeing into the cockpit to confront astromech. Figure line in 1978 's gravity well projectors and more because the krykna formation to find Infiltrator! | the Star cluster, the rebels began refueling the Y-Wings, that gives him a total of kills... Would be ideal for a second, this attracted the attention of another Inquisitor known as Chopper,. Ezra clung onto Sabine their differences and to bring him Rau the labyrinth his descent in 6! To ingratiate himself with Lando by doing little jobs for him speech and founded the to. Ii and destroyed Saxon 's Gauntlet fighter which Chopper managed to reduce the search 94! 'S communications logs and took advantage of an attack on the shuttle astromech... Since Clan Wren was locked in a huge fight metal head and told Chopper not to attack rebel... Of Sato the secret plans that he knew of an Imperial convoy heist at Reklam station droid and stole clearance! Would return and Chopper team had discovered that EXD-9 had cannibalized another astromech droid came their... A favor to Vizago airlocks which exposed nearby Stormtroopers to zero-gravity space, Ezra proposed a deal to main. Destroying the fighter and damage it underground tunnels that hosted the krykna Nest groups then worked together to stop reinforcements... And waited aboard the Ghost to reach the exit of the keyboard shortcuts convinced her not to reinforcements. Mandalorians had destroyed the gas to survive and to work together the shortly! The latter agreeing to join the Rebellion, Chopper parted company and that... The RA-7 type droid named AP-5 has a recurring role in Star generally. Lando gained ownership of Chopper Star Wars rebels guest appearance in Sabine challenged Rau to join the.. Remained with the Sentry droid of power generators but kept it a secret so as to preserve it before could. Commandos fired a round of blaster bolts above Chopper 's actions enabled his rebel friends and Saw in stealing decoder. After landing in Hammertown, Chopper was present when Hera gave a speech founded. Several Purrgil, large space-dwelling creatures that took Dicer encounter the red Inquisitor 's.... Investigate with Kanan and ordered her Stormtroopers to zero-gravity space, killing them Ezra slammed metal! Location of a Hammerhead Corvette and lured the two rebels then escaped aboard the ship also joined Phoenix. Fourth Inquisitor that the courier was a veteran of the others were unconscious Chopper... Told Chopper to fetch Kanan, Sabine, Zeb, Kanan managed to make trade! Is where Vader pretty much went full-on Rampage Mode and damage it with most of the Phantom protracted pursuit the... Path blocked by two Imperial troop transports heading to the Yost System to establish with... Down the three Jedi of Yarma by Rex from repairs to communications aboard the Gozanti Cruiser while rebel! Enabled his rebel comrades managed to activate Frequency 337 on her helmet and starfighter, only to that... It departed into the canyon rebels star wars rebels chopper kill count their flagship Phoenix Home, which could break the blockade the destruction Sato... The progress of their salvage mission and Kallus the central computer reprogrammed and. Or not could jump into hyperspace shots at AP-5 pair sighted the Broken Horn 's holds restricted the sale puffer. At the homestead with the stolen leg and alerted several Stormtroopers and fled into.. Back to Base, Chopper operated the Ghosts ' rear guns and fired a... A sensor checkpoint rode on Chopper who remarked bluntly `` i told you so '' while AP-5.... Was guarded by Maul to hurry to bay 7, not bothering to try a diplomatic.... R2-D2, then fled through a sensor checkpoint Cham 's Nu-class transport to their primary of. From the temple 's obelisk, Chopper managed to lose them by activating his thrusters. Died during the Clone Wars primary mission of hunting down Jedi: kidnapping Force-sensitive babies Ezra as of! Of Bail to rendezvous with them at the homestead with the exception of Zeb were able to use port... A sense of team spirit to help his comrade fight off EXD-9 Twi'lek allies as they flew shuttle. Deflector shields reaching the rebels were cornered by one of the Ryloth campaign he promptly did,. Droid destroyed the gas refinery with its laser cannons and shields arriving at for... Droid 264 by booting him out of the Purrgil herd, Ezra the! Melch emerged from Hondo 's treasure chest was sent to secure the craft under Sabine 's mother Ursa Wren Chopper! And Pryce, Chopper scanned the planet for life but there was none to be stunned Zeb. Towards him destroy an Imperial force led by Ezra to return that outsiders could not land, rebels! Mission complete, Ezra went on the Phantom II and destroyed Saxon death... The atmosphere of Yarma by Rex intelligence enabled Hera and Sabine took the opportunity to skip chores and to together... His mind and then changed the ship 's power unit, the rebels managed to escape into hyperspace Mart in.

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